Careers For People Who Like To Start and Carry Out Projects

Stanley Tan

These careers are suitable to people who like starting up and carrying out projects. These occupations can involve leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business.

Your personality type is Enterprising if you think the definition above fits your style.

 Career nameAvg SalaryRating
Training and Development Managers1110307
Religious Activities and Education Directors446807
Human Resources Managers1141407
Judges, Magistrate Judges and Magistrates1064207
Morticians, Undertakers and Funeral Directors521307
Municipal Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors735507
Medical and Health Services Managers1036807
Public Relations Specialists640507
Postsecondary Education Administrators1019107
Supervisors of Personal Service Workers382407
Compensation and Benefits Managers1186707
Supervisors of Police and Detectives842607
Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers and Athletes972207
Meeting, Convention and Event Planners509107
Spa Managers382407
Funeral Service Managers810807
Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers840107
Food Service Managers535007
Supervisors of Retail Sales Workers421907
Postmasters and Mail Superintendents670007
Lodging Managers572307
Supervisors of Correctional Officers617907
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers1154007
Travel Agents377307
Chief Executives1807007
Sales Managers1260407
Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers324207
Real Estate Sales Agents555307
Property, Real Estate and Community Association Managers658807
Insurance Sales Agents637307
Gaming Supervisors496607
Talent Directors903007
Chefs and Head Cooks458807
Regulatory Affairs Managers1102107
Energy Brokers619607
Retail Salespersons257607
Industrial Production Managers1016407
Securities and Commodities Sales Agents1032607
Real Estate Brokers804207
Branch or Department Financial Managers1302307
General and Operations Managers1172007
Door-To-Door Sales Workers, News and Street Vendors and Related Workers253807
Financial Services Sales Agents1032607
Gaming Managers755907
Supervisors of Logging Workers475407
Farm Labor Contractors477907
Program Directors903007
Marketing Managers1374007
Nursery and Greenhouse Managers725707
Demonstrators and Product Promoters287607
Technical and Scientific Products Sales Representatives867507
Purchasing Managers1118107
Supervisors of Housekeeping and Janitorial Workers391107
Supervisors of Landscaping, Lawn Service and Groundskeeping Workers460207
Loss Prevention Managers1102107
Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers and Repairers646707
Administrative Services Managers922507
Investment Fund Managers1102107
Forest Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisors735507
Advertising and Promotions Managers1147007
Advertising Sales Agents609107
Chief Sustainability Officers1807007
Sales Engineers1046607
Online Merchants730007
Supply Chain Managers1102107
Wholesale and Retail Buyers581907
Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers590607
Supervisors of Aquacultural Workers475407
Storage and Distribution Managers931807
Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers651507
Supervisors of Helpers, Laborers and Material Movers489807
Wind Energy Project Managers1102107
Transportation Managers931807
Quality Control Systems Managers1016407
Biofuels Production Managers1016407
Biomass Power Plant Managers1016407
Construction Managers945907
Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors507607
Supervisors of Transportation and Material-Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators575307
Technical Directors and Managers903007
Geothermal Production Managers1016407
Aquacultural Managers725707
Farm and Ranch Managers725707
Natural Sciences Managers1364507
Architectural and Engineering Managers1387207
Hydroelectric Production Managers1016407
Logistics Managers931807
Security Managers1102107
Elementary and Secondary School Education Administrators917806.67
Social and Community Service Managers677306.67
Clinical Nurse Specialists697906.67
Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs595606.67
Skincare Specialists338106.67
Fitness and Wellness Coordinators829606.67
Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers544006.67