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Joshua T Berglan

As a Producer for Film, TV and Events my days are so wildly different, the normal is expecting the unexpected. I produce for multiple streaming networks, however, the main network I work with keeps me the busiest because we produce multiple events a week, LIVE TV and now films. We have upgraded our technology and it has opened the door of possibilities wide open for all industries to broadcast and monetize their content globally. Featuring real-time chat, the ability to buy (or sell) merchandise, products, courses, books, and seminars in real-time without ever leaving the screen you are watching the broadcast on, the ability to run commercials and promote advertisers and sponsor’s in ways that does not distract from the viewer is going to be a huge win.

Each day I speak to filmmakers, host of new shows, motivational speakers, real estate experts, doctors, ministers, musicians and actors about the new ways they can monetize their content. This week alone, we prepped events for the Space program, a real estate investing seminar, a fashion show, a revival, 2 motivational speaking conferences and a new film release.

Most of the people we work with have either never been in front of a camera or they are seasoned pros. As a Producer, not only am I responsible for helping the broadcast make money through every possible means, but 90% of the creative direction for these events is up to me. I love it however just because I have a vision for how the event will go, a lot of time is spent on coaching, directing and training the key people involved so that they can play their role perfectly. So many events in the past were only imagined for an in-person audience or in the theatre but with technology, there are other things that must be factored in and that is the at home audience. With more content available now, it is essential to keep the online viewers engaged or stimulated throughout the broadcast. In-person and digital audiences have different expectations and demands, and it is my job to ensure everyone is happy.


As a Producer, there is a good chance that most people I speak to will benefit from the service we provide. I get to work with the most brilliant people on the planet and get to be a part of the most amazing events. The relationships I have formed with other Producers, Directors, Actors and Actresses, media moguls, pro athletes, world-renowned surgeons, Faith leaders, and other interesting people. I get the opportunity to help make others dreams come alive! That is a huge blessing.


The cons of the job to me are not really cons because everyone we work with has to do what is best for them but it sucks when I can see clearly how to produce the event or the possibilities for a film but the client is stuck in an old way of thinking. There are so many people who almost fear the changes in their industry and are still, even in 2021, afraid to adapt to the necessary evolutions that come with technology. Non-Profits, Ministries, Filmmakers, and Brands have a really unique opportunity right now to rewrite the rulebook of Production and how to bring in revenue, but without expanding their vision to all of the new possibilities their businesses are doomed.

As a Producer, I work really hard to help my clients see the world through the lens of the media, and start acting as if they are the media. Producing is not as straight forward as it was before and with so many new industries getting into documentary filmmaking, talk shows, podcast, or in need of video content, there are more opportunities than ever for Producers to earn a great living while elevating their clients. Of course with all of these new opportunities, a lot of people that do not have others best interest at heart have entered into this field of work. I think it is important for anyone hiring a Producer to not just look at their body of work, but also their references and make sure they have knowledge of the new technologies that can benefit them most.

Joshua T Berglan
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plan and coordinate various aspects of radio, television, stage, or motion picture production, such as selecting script, coordinating writing, directing and editing, and arranging financing.

Salary: $96690
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Average
Job Growth: Average
Suitable Personality: The Leader