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My Typical Day I have two parts of my business. One is being a Realtor and servicing the real estate needs of my clients either buying or selling or w … Read More
Hotel & Restaurant Manager
My Typical Day Working as a Hotel & Restaurant Manager can be incredibly fast paced, making it at times stressful but in the whole a really fulfil … Read More
My name is Dr. Bryan Quoc Le, and I am a PhD-level food scientist, food industry consultant, and author of 150 Food Science Questions Answered. My Typ … Read More
My Typical Day The day of a private investigator is long and very diverse with regard to what you’ll be performing each day. Due to the nature of the … Read More

My Typical Day I spend most of my day meeting with various team members, clients, and legal service professionals. Prior to COVID, the majority of tho … Read More
Ice Dam Remover
My Typical Day Battling ice dams produces very long days in below-freezing temperatures, all across the northern states of the country, so we’re usual … Read More
Legal Nurse Consultant
My name is Maryjane Duquette, RN, BSN, LNC. I am the Founder & CEO of MJD Legal Nurse Consulting. I became a legal nurse consultant after some fri … Read More
Child Protective Specialist
I currently work as a Child Protective Specialist (CPS) for the City of New York. What this means, is that I investigate cases/investigations for NYC. … Read More

SEO Manager
My Responsibilities Creating an SEO strategy using best practices, and a roadmap based on resources available and the competitive advantages of the br … Read More
Software Engineer
I am a contracted Software Engineer who works on Army projects. I was always interested in computers and coding, but never thought it would be a job t … Read More
I’m a Freelance Engineering Designer who provides mechanical, structural, and related design consultancy services to other businesses in the manufactu … Read More
Technical Director - Structural Engineer
I am a professional practicing Structural Engineer. I have been working as a Structural Engineer for tier one consultancies for over 16 years. I curre … Read More

Design & Marketing Manager
I head up design for all divisions. We design lifestyle product collections across a variety of styles – bags, accessories, stationery, 3D Pop Up Card … Read More
The myth of the school nurse only handing out Band-Aids and Tylenol is a common, yet inaccurate picture of the role of a school nurse. School nursing … Read More
My Typical Day I will spend most of my day at the office creating new content for our games, which can range from 3D models, animations, new textures, … Read More
Graphic Designer
My Typical Day You never know what your email holds for you. Whatever long jobs are in the queue (like brochures, books, and logos), the day is always … Read More

I am a Freelance Producer for TV, Film, and Live Events. My Typical Day Because I am a freelance producer the project or show I am working on is alway … Read More
University Communications Specialist
My name is Lisha Dunlap, and I work at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) in Tempe, AZ. We are a 100% STEM university, offering a large vari … Read More
My name is Lewis Webber and I’m currently a Product Design Engineer at Raymont-Osman Product Design, based in Warwickshire, UK. My Typical Day What I … Read More
Indie Game Developer
I am the co-founder of a two-person indie game studio. We just published our first casual mobile game this year. As indie game developers, we wear mul … Read More

I’m the Head of Marketing for Service Club Delivery. In a new SaaS startup that looks more like: managing paid advertising campaigns, handling externa … Read More
Fashion Product Manager
Life as a Fashion Product Manager As a Fashion Product Manager I am responsible for a category (in my case, ladies shoes) and everything that is relat … Read More
My title is indie filmmaker, which includes being a director, executive producer, screenwriter, and editor. It’s not unusual for filmmakers to have mu … Read More
Licensed Veterinary Technician
My Typical Day My day starts before we open our doors by ensuring that our treatment rooms, facilities, and supplies are all clean, stocked, and ready … Read More

My Typical Day I typically arrive around 7:30 AM to prepare for my day’s appointments. I see appointments or do surgeries throughout the day until abo … Read More
I am a wind technician instructor. I teach wind technicians how to climb wind turbines and work on them. My Typical Day My day starts in the classroom … Read More
Romance Author
My Typical Day Research new ideas and for accuracy. For example, in my upcoming novel Stepping Stone, it’s featured in San Francisco. I’ve never been … Read More
My name is Kimberly O’Connell and I own Joyful Counseling in Indianapolis, IN. My titles are Music Therapist, MT-BC and Marriage and Family Therapist … Read More

I am an assistant professor at the University of Illinois working with farmers to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that is sent downstream … Read More
My job title is Camp Director and Chief Fun Officer for Gold Arrow Camp. Gold Arrow Camp is a traditional children’s summer camp in Lakeshore, Califor … Read More
High School Physical Education Teacher
I work as a high school physical education teacher. My Typical Day My day consists of planning and setting up activities that involve physical activit … Read More
Wedding Officiant
I have the most fun job in the world. I marry people for a living. I am the top wedding officiant in Southern California. Every day I get to join coup … Read More

Dog Groomer
My Typical Day Every groomer manages their time differently & it also depends on your location, mix of breeds & whether you are an independent … Read More
My Typical Day No two days are the same in the plumbing industry. The plumbing profession is very personal and hands-on, and in addition to offering q … Read More
Key Responsibilities As a photographer, I don’t just turn up and start shooting. I’m continually improving and evolving my style, and part of that is … Read More
PR & Partnership Specialist
As a PR & Partnership specialist in one of the top franchisors in the UK, my job is well versatile and day to day there is no working list that’s … Read More

My Typical Day My typical day starts with me waking at 5:30 and spending time with my daughter. I get ready for work, including my uniform, and head f … Read More
My name is Serena and I work as a Quality Control Analyst with an agency who provides foster homes to high risk youth in the care of children and fami … Read More
I have been in Procurement since 2006 as a material coordinator, buyer, planner, and analyst supporting biotech & medical device organizations. I … Read More
I am working as a DevOps Engineer for a consulting company called Tigillo in London. My main objective is to help software teams to deliver their chan … Read More

I’m the owner of Strut Bridal Salon, a size-inclusive bridal store with locations in Tempe, Arizona, and Long Beach, California. My Typical Day A typi … Read More
My Typical Day We go by appointments so a day would be : The first thing I do is send a greeting to my brides in the morning. This is just a nice way … Read More
I’m the marketing lead at Zavvy, a young B2B software-as-a-service startup. My Typical Day In the startup world, no day is like another. Things can ge … Read More
My Typical Day The great thing about practicing personal injury law is that no day is the same. While there are of course some repetitive tasks, every … Read More

Criminal Defense Attorney
My Typical Day Unlike a lot of sectors of law, such as estate planning, real estate, business, or construction, criminal defense lawyers start each da … Read More
Public Relations Specialist
I’m Natalie Bickel, and I work as a Creative Communications Expert for a PR company. My Typical Day Each day is different as a PR Specialist, but almo … Read More
Board-certified dermatologist
My Typical Day As a dermatologist, your day will begin early, usually around 6 AM, as you’ll commonly see your first patient at 8 AM each day. So, I h … Read More
ISA-Certified Arborist
My Typical Day When we started out, I was always in the field with other arborists, as we were establishing ourselves and hadn’t grown too large at th … Read More