Real Estate Sales Agents: Salary, Job Description, How To Become One, and Quiz

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Job description

Real Estate Sales Agents rent, buy, or sell property for clients. Perform duties, such as study property listings, interview prospective clients, accompany clients to property site, discuss conditions of sale, and draw up real estate contracts. Includes agents who represent buyer.

  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds, and leases.
  • Present purchase offers to sellers for consideration.
  • Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one or the other.
  • Generate lists of properties that are compatible with buyers’ needs and financial resources.
Read more about what does a Real Estate Sales Agent really do at work and what is it like being and working as one.

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Average salary
$61720 per year

Average hourly wage
$30 per hour

Real Estate Sales Agents with little to no experience tend to make between $24650 and $33020 while the more experienced ones can earn over $74530 per year.

Top 5 paying states Hourly Annual
NY $56 $116,460
RI $41 $84,280
AK $38 $78,190
WY $36 $75,570
CA $35 $73,450

One of the easiest ways to increase your salary as a Real Estate Sales Agent is to move to a higher paying state like NY. Right now, the highest paying states for Real Estate Sales Agents are NY, RI, AK, WY and CA.

However, a higher pay at NY doesn’t guarantee that you will make more because the living expenses at NY might be twice as high than where you are currently at now.

Three other factors that can increase your salary as a Real Estate Sales Agent is the degree you hold, the industry you work in, and lastly the company you work for.


Recommended degree level
No degree required

We asked other Real Estate Sales Agents what degree they had when they got the job and most of them said they had a High School Diploma followed by a Post-Secondary Certificate.

Other than that, we also asked them what did they major in and here are the most popular majors that came up.

Real Estate Development
Real Estate
Read more about how to become a Real Estate Sales Agent and the degree, training and education you need.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of being a Real Estate Sales Agent.

Suitable for people who likes to start and carry out projects
Suitable for people who values achievements and are results-oriented
This career is perfect for people who love to work indoors.
It is not too difficult to get into this career. Previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is required for this career.
Demand for this career is growing fast
Not suitable for people who likes to solve problems mentally
Long working hours (More than 40 hours per week)

What is the job like

Job satisfaction

Is this job meaningful

69% of Real Estate Sales Agents said they were satisfied with their job and 44% said they feel like their job is making other people’s lives better.

Chuck Vander Stelt

I am a real estate agent and I lead a team of real estate agents selling about 100 homes annually in the Chicagoland area. I like to say each day I am either busy or busy trying to get busy. A real estate agent’s day is driven by three buckets of activity and each has … Read More

Cyrus Vaghar
Coldwell Banker

I am a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, just outside of Boston. Every day is different in the world of real estate. My schedule usually can be broken into an even split between working to find clients, working with clients, and performing administrative tasks. Finding clients may entail growing our social media presence, working … Read More

Meagan Callaway

I am a licensed realtor working in the greater Houston area in Texas and the owner of a real estate team backed by one of the largest brokerages in the US – Keller Williams. Every day starts with a quick check on the client files to see if any major dates are approaching and we … Read More

Jamie Safier
Douglas Elliman

The best part about being a real estate agent is that it’s the antithesis of a regular 9 – 5 office job. By this, I mean every day is truly different. One day I may be in back-to-back showings, the next I might have to entertain a client or be out scouting for the right … Read More

Jonathan de Araujo
The Vantage Point Team

I’m a Real Estate Agent with The Vantage Point Team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Lexington, MA, a suburb of Boston. I have over 15 years of experience in Real Estate as both an agent and investor. My typical day involves waking up, going into my home office and responding to emails, researching homes that … Read More

Robert Jenkins
Windmill Valley Properties

Agent and investor here in Oregon. My typical day is probably a little different than most. I volunteer as a firefighter and serve with our national guard so those are my primary duties 3 or 4 days a week but I still run a real estate flipping business and some sales transactions here and there. … Read More

Lynn Phillips

The world of Real Estate is very dynamic. A typical day varies from showing homes to potential buyers and/or listing appointments helping sellers evaluate their home and get it ready to put on the market. Then I work on my current transactions such as coordinating home inspections, meeting lawyers, financing, etc. At the end of … Read More

Nick J. Kyte
Coldwell Banker First Ottawa Realty Brokerage

Real estate is 7 days a week, which is exciting yet can be draining, as well. A typical day begins with checking emails, texts, and answering calls for pressing or immediate issues to rectify. Set listing appointments, answering clients’ questions, or conducting research on homes or investments that have come up in their search or … Read More

Is this right for me

Best personality for this career
The Entrepreneurs and The Organizers

You can read more about these career personality types here.

People who are suitable for this job tends to like starting up and carrying out projects. They like leading people and making many decisions. Sometimes they require risk taking and often deal with business..

They also like following set procedures and routines. They like working with data and details more than with ideas.

Learn more about Real Estate Sales Agents

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Job Description

Find a college with the major you want

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