Highest Paying States for Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School

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In this short guide, you will find out the top paying states for Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School. Equipped with this knowledge you will be able to maximize your earnings / salary and become one of the best paid Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School just by moving to another state.

The first thing you have to know is how much do Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School make on average. From there you can compare the salary difference between the average salary vs the salary of the highest paying states.

The average annual salary for Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Elementary School is $57140.

area_titleh_mean a_mean
Connecticut(data not available)70720
New York(data not available)69610
Rhode Island(data not available)67900
Alaska(data not available)67520
California(data not available)66830
Massachusetts(data not available)66780
New Jersey(data not available)66420
Delaware(data not available)63020
Oregon(data not available)61140
Pennsylvania(data not available)60930
Virginia(data not available)60820
District of Columbia(data not available)59260
Michigan(data not available)59210
Illinois(data not available)58430
Washington(data not available)58300
Wyoming(data not available)57760
Ohio(data not available)56240
South Carolina(data not available)54780
Minnesota(data not available)54460
New Hampshire(data not available)54320
Vermont(data not available)54150
Maryland(data not available)53420
Georgia(data not available)53230
Colorado(data not available)52510
Wisconsin(data not available)52490
Indiana(data not available)51750
Kentucky(data not available)51640
Texas(data not available)51480
Kansas(data not available)51310
North Dakota(data not available)51280
Nevada(data not available)51170
New Mexico(data not available)50300
Alabama(data not available)50210
Missouri(data not available)49920
Florida(data not available)49810
Nebraska(data not available)49300
Montana(data not available)49260
Iowa(data not available)49060
Maine(data not available)48770
Tennessee(data not available)48710
Utah(data not available)47040
Louisiana(data not available)46710
Hawaii(data not available)46520
Arizona(data not available)46310
Arkansas(data not available)45950
Idaho(data not available)45810
North Carolina(data not available)44020
Mississippi(data not available)43940
South Dakota(data not available)42390
Oklahoma(data not available)42070
West Virginia(data not available)41160
Puerto Rico(data not available)34690

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