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Advertising Manager – Paul Romancsak

Paul Romancsak
Advertising Manager

As an in-house advertising manager, the typical day starts with a daily meeting with the whole Flipsnack marketing team, where each member talks about their main priorities for the day. This is followed or preceded by important choices such as picking between coffee and oolong tea. On a more serious note, the work responsibilities can vary from day to day.

Some of the most important daily responsibilities as an advertising manager are continuously monitoring, analyzing, and reporting. This is followed by optimizing the ad campaigns on various platforms. There is a lot of diversity in these tasks, from keyword research, refining, and tweaking for search campaigns to adding new creatives and audiences for video and display ads campaigns.

An important aspect, working as an advertising manager, is the collaboration with various departments such as the design/creative team for different visuals and videos used in ad campaigns, SEO & content team for research, and landing page creation. Sometimes there is collaboration even with dev/programming teams for tasks such as implementing conversions tracking codes that cannot be done solely with Google Tag Manager. So teamwork with other departments is crucial, especially while working in-house for a company.


Some of the biggest pros are that there are exciting challenges almost every week, considering how often there are changes within the ad platforms, such as the recent change Google made for the keywords match types, expanding the phrase match to include broad match modifier traffic or all the changes required by Facebook since the iOS 14 update. So you cannot really get bored as an advertising manager. Also, most of the time there is quite a lot of freedom in the work schedule so you can organize your work in the most efficient way, while respecting all the deadlines, of course.


A con could be the fact that as an advertising manager you get appreciated and renowned mostly just for the results, sometimes all the effort behind those results being less recognized.
Other than that, there are no apparent cons of working as an in-house advertising manager, but it is definitely a job for people who can stay focused for long periods of time, with an above-average attention span, as there may be some intense days with long working hours.

Paul Romancsak
Advertising Manager
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Advertising Managers

plan, direct, or coordinate advertising policies and programs or produce collateral materials, such as posters, contests, coupons, or giveaways, to create extra interest in the purchase of a product or service for a department, an entire organization, or on an account basis.

Salary: $147560
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Average
Job Growth: Average
Suitable Personality: The Leader