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Licensed Master Electrician
My Typical Day My typical day varies depending on if I’m wearing my “Owner’s Hat” or my “Electrician’s Hat”, as I’m both the company owner and a Licen … Read More
K-5 Music Teacher
My name’s Zach, and I’m a K-5 music teacher with 11 years of experience. My Typical Day I get to school at 8 am and greet students in the hallway at 8 … Read More
Police Patrol Officer
My Typical Day I dress for work at home, but many officers dress when they get to the office. If things aren’t too busy, the shift starts with a brief … Read More
Chief Lighting Technician
I am a gaffer, which means I am the chief lighting technician on set. I work closely with the cinematographer and the director to create the mood and … Read More

My name is Mark Hemming, and I work at Libra Translation in the UK. Proofreading and editing is a large part of my work, whether proofreading translat … Read More
My name is Gerald Carpenter, I’m a professional plumber in the 3rd generation. My Typical Day A typical day at work for a self-employed plumber usuall … Read More
My name is Tara Vellella and I have worked within education for the past 12 years in various roles. Most recently I work as a Behavior Analyst in scho … Read More
I worked the overnight shift as a Truck Unloader. Overall, it was a very physically demanding job with minimal pay and safety risks. Boxes falling off … Read More

Labor and Delivery Nurse
I’m a high risk antepartum/labor and delivery nurse with a IV home care aspect to it. I have been an RN in the field for the past 20 years. My Typical … Read More
My Typical Day There is no such thing as a “typical work day” in the travel industry. Every day is different. That is one of the wonderful things abou … Read More
Operations & Process Improvement Trainer
What does a Process Improvement Manager do? Leadership will decide that something, like a process, needs to be reviewed/revamped so that it could be d … Read More
Marriage and Family Therapist
My Typical Day Check the agenda and check if you are a new customer or not. New customer: Ready to listen, without judging, to evaluate in the most ba … Read More

Manufacturing Project Manager
My Typical Day Check in with our manufacturing partners for current projects in production The most important thing to do when we first start the day … Read More
My name is Janae Robinson and I work for Posh Virtual Receptionists, I began as a virtual receptionist and am now the PR Specialist. Posh is a telecom … Read More
My Typical Day A typical day for a technician or pest controller is dictated by the season. In the busy season, one could easily see 12-16 services a … Read More
Construction Carpenter
My name is Ronnie Collins, I’m a professional woodworker and a passionate gardener with an MS degree in Botany. I worked in a house construction briga … Read More

IT Manager
I work as an IT manager and a coach to a team of IT engineers in the manufacturing industry (specifically producing medical products). Our team consis … Read More
Pest Control Specialist
I’m an entomologist and exterminator with more than 25 years of experience. My Typical Day I worked as a solo contractor pest control specialist, so m … Read More
Principal Dentist
I’m the Principal Dentist at Midas Dental. We provide Invisalign, Cosmetic Dentistry, Guided Implants, Teeth Whitening, Kids Dentistry, and Wisdom Tee … Read More
As a nutritionist, I am responsible for giving clients macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) guidelines. With clients that are wanting more h … Read More

My Typical Day I come in early before all the students and teachers have arrived. I checked my emails to keep the inbox to a minimum of unopened email … Read More
Real Estate Appraiser
I am a self employed real estate appraiser who works independently. One of the great things about being an appraiser is that each day is different. My … Read More
Pest Control Technician
My Typical Day My typical workday as a pest control technician starts between 8am and 9am. I clock in on our time tracking app and I look at my list o … Read More
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
My Typical Day My work day consists of coming into the office in the morning, checking a few emails, and then seeing couples (mostly via telehealth at … Read More

My Typical Day A typical day at work as a Mental Health Therapist, for me, involves checking emails, voicemails and following up with anyone who has i … Read More
Becoming an insurance agent can be an incredibly rewarding but difficult career. It will require self-discipline, a positive attitude, and mental focu … Read More
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
There are a variety of ways LMFTs approach their jobs. Mine is focused on prioritizing my own self-care so that I can show up as open, regulated, and … Read More
Personal Household Chef
I’m a mom who has been working as a personal household chef for almost four years. My Typical Day Well, as a personal household chef, it’s actually mo … Read More

Global Event Producer
What does an Event Producer do? Let me start by clarifying what an event planner does, which is more commonly understood. A planner manages tasks like … Read More
Special Effects Technician
My Typical Day My work with Special Effects usually involved a few hours of prototyping for an upcoming solution to be filmed or used on stage. Usuall … Read More
As the newest Wrangler at Cornerstone, life as a Wrangler involves a lot of learning, hard work, and fun! Our key responsibilities are caring for the … Read More
Pole and Aerial Instructor
I’ve been working as a pole and aerial instructor for the last ten years. I’ve been doing it for so long because I passionately love both disciplines … Read More

My Typical Day When working as a Personal Trainer, you can definitely expect early mornings, late evenings, and weekend work. Clients train around the … Read More
Digital Coach
In my capacity as a Grow with Google (GwG) Digital Coach, my primary focus is to provide digital resources for Black and Latino business owners, such … Read More
My Typical Day As a Bench Joiner, I work offsite in our workshop in Sussex. Bench joinery involves prepping, setting out, and manufacturing joinery co … Read More
Fashion Photographer
I’m a fashion photographer based in New York. My Typical Day The week can vary, it is not that we are shooting every day, some days are for pre-produc … Read More

My Typical Day A typical work day for a Wedding Photographer begins weeks, sometimes months before the big wedding day. Part of our job as Photographe … Read More
My Typical Day I normally arrive at the workshop at 7.45 am to unlock the building ready for everyone else to arrive. As we manufacture timber for bes … Read More
Photography Manager
My Typical Day I work in the Office of University Communications at Georgia College, where we tell the Georgia College story by highlighting the work … Read More
Travel Photographer
My Typical Day My days of being a photographer are divided into three segments. Pre-trip planning, work on-site and, post-trip work. Hiking from Ponce … Read More

Financial Advisor
My Typical Day When I worked as a financial advisor, nights were more productive than days. That’s because I spend the mornings and afternoons respond … Read More
News Producer
I was as an 11pm M-F newscast producer, so here’s the outline of a particular day for that shift: My Typical Day Pre-work: Catch up on news of the day … Read More
Branding and Commercial Photographer
Life as a Photographer Client planning meetings Because I’m a branding and commercial photographer, all of my clients are small business owners, entre … Read More
My Typical Day As the Camera Rental Manager in a fairly busy market, my day to day is answering client requests for camera package rentals for their v … Read More

Landscape Art Photographer
My name is Sharon Weil Hornstein and I am a professional landscape art photographer and the owner of Sand Dollar Images. My Typical Day Truth is, ther … Read More
Radio Announcer
My Typical Day 3AM: Out of bed I wake up early, usually 3am unless it was a snow-day (then I wake up at 2am before the plows were even out on the road … Read More
ECommerce Store Owner
My name is Calloway Cook and I’m the President of Illuminate Labs. We sell our products online through our website, Amazon, and Walmart pages. My Typi … Read More
What is your work like as a Product Manager? Like many others, my life’s goal is to leave the world better than I found it. One person can only do so … Read More