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What is it like being a Dentist? Being a dentist is one of the most amazing careers! You have the ability to own your own business while making a diff … Read More
My name is Patrick Campbell and I am a licensed, practicing dentist with the United States Navy. I feel as though I have a few unique perspectives tha … Read More
I am an attorney with 13 years of work experience and focus on the areas of Social Security Disability and Auto Accidents. Should you become a Lawyer? … Read More
What is your work life like? Dentistry is one field of medicine that you could somewhat have a set schedule and don’t need to be oncall like other bra … Read More

Being a lawyer is incredibly consuming. Your brain is hard wired to evaluate risk and advise accordingly. You often see the blind spots of others and … Read More
95% percent of my time is spent in surgery. As an ophthalmologist, you’re focusing your time on a very high impact procedure. It’s a major lifestyle c … Read More
The acting bug first bit when I was cast as Rebecca Nurse in my high school’s production of The Crucible. Every acting job is different. Some cast onl … Read More
What is it like being a fashion designer? I believe a designer is continuously at work. By that, I mean you look at your surroundings through your cre … Read More

Urology is a great community. As a smaller surgical specialty, we have connections with colleagues both nationally and internationally. Urologists are … Read More
What is it like being an Obgyn Hospitalist? There are various types of shifts when working as an obgyn hospitalist. The most common shifts are 12-24 h … Read More
Being an actor offers me the freedom to portray characters in roles that live in ways and do things I would normally not be able to in my own life. Th … Read More
Fashion Designer
My name is Marlene Solis, I am the founder and designer of sun protective clothing brand, Florescnt. Florescnt aims to further carefree lifestyles for … Read More

Fabric Patternmaker
I am in charge of making the patterns that are used in a large or small factory to produce garments. Patternmakers need specialized studies at the ind … Read More
Licensed pediatrician
I was in a group private practice for about 10 years. The schedule was four full days, one evening and one Saturday morning per month. We were on call … Read More
I was a dog walker in Vancouver for a year before I became a dog trainer and then a dog training business owner. I often miss the walking days! I walk … Read More
As a chemist, utilizing the knowledge that we have developed helps transform tangible materials into real world applications. As a practicing chemist … Read More

Dog Walker
What is it like being a Dog Walker? Being a dog-walker is considered to be one of the most desirable jobs, because of getting to spend time with dogs. … Read More
Fashion Designer
Being a fashion designer is extremely competitive and takes a lot of long hours. While the media today makes it possible to gain exposure, it also exp … Read More
I am a fashion designer, my passion has always been in design! I got my first taste of clothing design in high school when we were not able to afford … Read More
Fashion Designer
In general, there are 2 types of designers; the type that works for a company and the type that works for themselves. At present, I work for myself. I … Read More

Being a fashion designer is exciting, challenging, inspiring, and not what you would expect. I spend my days designing and producing my products as we … Read More
Fashion Designer
Being a Designer is as exciting as it is draining. Designers are translators – we translate social dynamics into tangible items of clothing. The world … Read More
I have worked as a pediatrician in several clinical settings such as solo practice, group practice, and community health centers. I have also taught m … Read More
Fashion Designer
Being a Fashion Designer requires many skills, besides sketching which is the most common perception of Fashion Designers. However, there is a whole l … Read More

Board certified podiatrist and foot surgeon
I have been in private practice for many years. Some podiatrists are employed by a hospital or medical group. While I interact with the hospital occas … Read More
Court Reporter
I was a court reporter for several years largely covering murder trials for major news organizations. It is a great job – interesting with lots of var … Read More
Although many may not see it that way, being a dog walker requires the same amount of discipline and commitment as any other profession, which means I … Read More
Dog Walker
Being an independently contracted dog walker from a company like Rover or Wag is great if you want a flexible schedule. While those businesses do take … Read More

I have been a plasterer all of my life and have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Plastering is a good trade if you like to learn a skill t … Read More
Being a pharmacist is going to depend on the perspective of the pharmacist you talk to. Many who are stuck in the grind of retail pharmacies that are … Read More
I have been a pharmacist for 9 years and I currently work in a clinic-based setting, helping physicians and other healthcare professionals manage pati … Read More
I’m the accounting manager at Elias Savion Advertising and I really enjoy what I do. I have always enjoyed working with numbers, analyzing financial s … Read More

A normal workday would depend on what time of the year/month it is. This time of year, we are working on finalizing all of the year-end related close … Read More
I work in corporate accounting for a big company. We have a monthly close cycle that takes up about 10 business days each month. I prepare journal ent … Read More