Careers For People Who Are Good At Technology Design

Stanley Tan

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People who work in these careers are good at technology design which means generating or adapting equipment and technology to serve user needs.

 Career nameAvg SalaryRating
Manufacturing Engineers963504
Biomedical Engineers917603.75
Mechanical Engineers871403.625
Robotics Engineers963503.625
Human Factors Engineers and Ergonomists851103.565
Computer and Information Research Scientists1131903.5
Photonics Engineers963503.5
Mechatronics Engineers963503.44
Manufacturing Engineering Technologists631403.44
Computer Systems Analysts873203.435
Applications Software Developers995303.435
Automotive Engineers871403.435
Computer Network Architects1007103.405
Aerospace Engineers1077003.31
Water/Wastewater Engineers863403.31
Commercial and Industrial Designers670303.31
Informatics Nurse Specialists873203.125
Chemical Engineers1035903.125
Network and Computer Systems Administrators797703.065
Marine Architects991603.065
Fuel Cell Engineers871403.065
Industrial Engineering Technicians556603.06
Electronics Engineers996603
Fire-Prevention and Protection Engineers848503
Natural Sciences Managers1364502.935
Marine Engineers991602.935
Electronics Engineering Technologists631402.935
Agricultural Engineers754402.88
Robotics Technicians556002.875
Sales Engineers1046602.875
Industrial Engineering Technologists631402.87
Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers855202.815
Orthotists and Prosthetists706902.815
Mining and Geological Engineers and Mining Safety Engineers1009702.81
Security Management Specialists730002.75
Web Developers686702.75
Geographic Information Systems Technicians855202.75
Video Game Designers855202.75
Transportation Engineers871302.75
Electrical Engineering Technologists631402.75
Tool and Die Makers500902.75
Medical Appliance Technicians390002.75
Telecommunications Engineering Specialists1007102.685
Industrial Safety and Health Engineers848502.625
Materials Engineers911502.625
Biochemists and Biophysicists919602.625
Electrical Engineering Technicians603302.62
Logistics Engineers768302.565
Database Administrators822802.565