46 Of The Easiest Careers To Get Into

Stanley Tan

Difficulty to get into these careers: Easiest Little or no previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these careers. Example: a person can become a waiter or waitress even if he/she has never worked before. People in these careers need anywhere from a few days to a few months of training. Other careers by difficulty to get in: Easiest (You are here) | Easy | Medium | Hard | Hardest

46 Of The Easiest Jobs To Get Into

 Career nameAvg salaryJob growth %Degree req
Oil and Gas Derrick Operators$51,09018.8No degree req
Continuous Mining Machine Operators$48,670-0.6No degree req
Bridge and Lock Tenders$46,210-2No degree req
Fallers$39,240-43.3No degree req
Hunters and Trappers$38,310-No degree req
Fishers and Related Fishing Workers$38,310-5No degree req
Oil and Gas Roustabouts$37,70019.2No degree req
Septic Tank Servicers and Sewer Pipe Cleaners$37,01025.8No degree req
Logging Equipment Operators$35,8302No degree req
Quarry Rock Splitters$34,34017.4No degree req
Models$33,53015.3No degree req
Furniture Finishers$30,6603.3High School Diploma
Hand Grinding and Polishing Workers$29,980-1.7High School Diploma
Counter and Rental Clerks$27,56010.6No degree req
Crossing Guards$27,0404.3High School Diploma
Helpers of Painters, Paperhangers, Plasterers and Stucco Masons$26,81010.2No degree req
Landscaping and Groundskeeping Workers$26,72012.4No degree req
Slaughterers and Meat Packers$25,880-2.4High School Diploma
Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs$25,69015.5No degree req
Helpers of Production Workers$25,6007High School Diploma
Sales Floor Stock Clerks$25,380-0.3High School Diploma
Stockroom, Warehouse or Storage Yard Stock Clerks$25,380-0.3High School Diploma
Farmworkers of Farm, Ranch and Aquacultural Animals$25,1602.2No degree req
Fabric Menders$25,020-10.4High School Diploma
Meat, Poultry and Fish Cutters and Trimmers$24,1905.3High School Diploma
Sewing Machine Operators$23,990-25.8High School Diploma
Nonfarm Animal Caretakers$22,97015.3No degree req
Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants$22,66018High School Diploma
Nonrestaurant Food Servers$22,51020No degree req
Agricultural Products Graders and Sorters$22,320-2No degree req
Waiters and Waitresses$21,6405.6High School Diploma
Parking Lot Attendants$21,6107.3High School Diploma
Short Order Cooks$21,4300.3High School Diploma
Food Preparation Workers$21,3403.6No degree req
Pressers, Textile, Garment and Related Materials$21,2602.6High School Diploma
Crop Farmworkers and Laborers$20,820-4.9No degree req
Nursery Workers$20,820-4.9High School Diploma
Cashiers$20,6402.6No degree req
Amusement and Recreation Attendants$20,59011.3No degree req
Ushers, Lobby Attendants and Ticket Takers$20,5301.7High School Diploma
Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendants and Bartender Helpers$20,5108High School Diploma
Restaurant, Lounge and Coffee Shop Hosts and Hostesses$19,9405.5No degree req
Cafeteria, Food Concession and Coffee Shop Counter Attendants$19,820-0.5No degree req
Dishwashers$19,5406.2No degree req
Fast Food Food Preparation and Serving Workers$19,11014.2No degree req
Fast Food Cooks$19,030-0.5No degree req