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Photographer – Becky Kerr

Becky Kerr
Becky Kerr Photography

Key Responsibilities

As a photographer, I don’t just turn up and start shooting. I’m continually improving and evolving my style, and part of that is getting to know my clients before the shoot itself.

Usually, that’ll involve a call or meeting pre-shoot to talk about the story behind the pictures and the key scenes the client wants to. We’ll often also talk about location and what to wear, and I’m always happy to assist and advise on this too. I’ll then create a time plan to ensure that all the required shots are covered in the session and if the client needs any particular props for the photoshoot.

Obviously, my main responsibility at a shoot itself is getting all the shots needed in the brief! But I try to go above and beyond that, making sure that my client is at ease in front of the camera and helping with new, creative ideas.

One of the other, less glamorous responsibilities is editing my photographs. There are usually 150-300 photos for a brand photography shoot, and weddings can stretch to more than 500 – so it’s a lot of editing!

As I run my own photography business, I’m also responsible for managing my schedule, finances, and marketing. This covers the entire process of booking a shoot, from responding to an initial enquiry to sharing the final edited photographs using a USB or online link. It might be a creative profession, but it takes a lot of organisational skills too!

My Typical Day

I’ve been working as a photographer for over 15 years and, I have to say, no day ever looks quite the same! I run my own boutique photography business, and one of the things that makes it so varied is that I do a mix of commercial work alongside family and wedding photography. So, one day I might be at the opening of a new restaurant, the next a countryside wedding and then someone’s living room for a series of family portraits! I prefer to work on location rather than in a studio, I think it allows for more authentic photographs – and it keeps my life interesting!

There are some common elements to most days though, and that includes a lot of administration. This might include

  • Talking to new leads and booking shoots
  • Planning photoshoot timelines and scouting locations
  • Marketing my own business through content marketing and social media
  • Managing my finances and chasing up payments
  • Editing and uploading photographs
  • And a lot more besides!


I do enjoy being my own boss and doing something I love for my career. But, there are a few cons which some people don’t always realise.

One of the most difficult things is trying to educate people on how the value of my work and why it’s worth that price. A lot of people will say that they have a tight budget and try to cut corners to reduce the price – asking for a shorter shoot, or less editing – but I offer a complete service because I want my clients to get the best possible experience from it.

That’s not to say that I don’t often compromise in the interest of my clients and in order to build relationships, try new styles and get my name out there. But at the same time, I don’t want to devalue my work and what I think it is worth.

Being a photographer also means spending quite a lot of time alone. Editing photographs can mean being stuck in front of a computer screen alone for hours on end when I’d much rather be out taking snaps. Whilst I’ll be around people for a shoot, I don’t have a team I work with regularly.


But on the flip side to this, a pro is that you get to meet all sorts of new people from all walks of life – I’ve even photographed a few celebrities!

My favourite part is receiving positive feedback from my clients and seeing my photographs in the media and in pride of place in people’s homes. It can be hard work, but for me, the reward is worth it.

Being a photographer is a great career if you’re a creative people person, and comfortable building relationships with others to get the best out of them. It’s an amazing feeling when things all come together for that perfect shot and, for me, the best part of all is receiving lovely feedback from my clients and seeing my photographs in the media and in pride of place in people’s homes. That feeling never gets old!

Becky Kerr
Becky Kerr Photography

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