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Day in the life of
Marketing Lead – Alexander Heinle

Alexander Heinle
Marketing Lead, a B2B tech startup

I’m the marketing lead at Zavvy, a young B2B software-as-a-service startup.

My Typical Day

In the startup world, no day is like another. Things can get chaotic and plans change all the time. However, I do have some typical day-to-day responsibilities.

Ideally, I start quite early and spend the first half hour going through the performance of our ads on Facebook or Google, analyze our website traffic, or answering emails.

Once a day, I (virtually) meet with my colleagues in sales and marketing as well as our founders for a quick update. Everybody says hi and briefly shares what they are currently up to.

Our product can be quite complex, so finding ways to communicate it as easily as possible is a superpower. A lot of it comes from interviewing (potential) customers – which I really like – and understanding their pain points in depth. This info really helps working on the website and other pitch documents.

A big chunk of my day goes into planning content for our website, social channels, and email. I brief our content writers on single pieces and make sure those that are finished get edited and published.

Our first branding workshop

Our first branding workshop


  • It’s extremely diversified. One day I take photos or create banner ads, the other day I go in-depth on numbers. And I love it.
  • It’s a startup, so I get to define the brand and product positioning from scratch. I really leave a mark. I have the freedom to decide. And that feels good.
  • There is no better environment to learn. You are growing at a pace you would never have imagined possible.
A colleague's dog Alfie who would often join us in the office

A colleague’s dog Alfie who would often join us in the office


  • The B2B SaaS / Tech scene is hyped – and ambitious. The working hours are certainly not for everyone.
  • Sometimes you are alone with your decisions. Failing here and there is an important part of the process. But it can take some getting used to. It’s all about getting up and trying something else fast.
Co-working space

Co-working space

Advice to aspiring Marketing Leads

The earlier you can get some hands-on practical experience, the better. And even more so, if you can tap into various areas.

During my studies, I was lucky enough to work in a couple of different fields related to marketing from crunching numbers for Microsoft over managing everything social in a high-growth startup to learning search engine optimization for a project of my own. This broad experience has helped me get a decent understanding of the marketing sphere. There is a lot of talk about T-shaped marketers nowadays. This means that they specialize in one discipline (e.g. paid channels).

However, if you have to run the whole marketing function by yourself – or rather need to have a birds-eye view on your team – it’s more important to have a decent grasp of all. Plus, never underestimate the power of writing decent marketing copy and knowing your numbers.

Alexander Heinle
Marketing Lead, a B2B tech startup
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