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Being an introvert is not easy especially when we’re living in a world where the media is putting extroverts on a podium. Business meetings, sales calls, meeting clients and networking events, that is the world where the extroverts shine.

The extroverts are the ones who have the energy to light up the room, the person who can talk and make friends with anyone. They love working in a team and get their energy from working and interacting with others. If you happen to be an extrovert, here are the best jobs for extroverts.

What if…

  1. You don’t have the energy to light up a room.
  2. You prefer to talk to as little people as possible.
  3. You prefer working alone.
  4. You get your energy by working with yourself.

Welcome to the world of introverts.

careers for introverts who love being alone

How we created the list of the best jobs for introverts

We want you to understand our methodology when choosing these careers.

We don’t want people commenting below saying things like:

“Web developers are not for introverts! You still have to work in a team and meet clients. This list is b***s***.”
“As a law clerk, I still have to talk with my lawyers. Definitely not on the introvert list.”

Here’s the real harsh truth.

There is NO career out there that allows you to work on an island and talk to no one. None. We researched 975 careers and found none.

Even when you’re a Geological Technician out in Antarctica doing research and collecting samples on icebergs, you still have to interact with another human being.

Now, the main question is “How much human interaction do you need to do on the job?”

There are 3 main criteria that we used when evaluating the best jobs for introverts.

  1. How much human interaction is required for the job?
  2. How important is working in a team/teamwork to perform the job?
  3. How important is it for you to coordinate or lead others in the job?

With that out of the way, here are 17 of the best jobs for introverts

17 Careers for Introverts


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observe, research, and interpret astronomical phenomena to increase basic knowledge or apply such information to practical problems.
Salary: $126250
Education: Doctoral degree
Strong job growth

Political Scientists

study the origin, development, and operation of political systems. May study topics, such as public opinion, political decision-making, and ideology. May analyze the structure and operation of governments, as well as various political entities. May conduct public opinion surveys, analyze election results, or analyze public documents.
Salary: $124100
Education: Doctoral degree
Strong job growth


conduct research, prepare reports, or formulate plans to address economic problems related to the production and distribution of goods and services or monetary and fiscal policy. May collect and process economic and statistical data using sampling techniques and econometric methods.
Salary: $120880
Education: Doctoral degree
Strong job growth
High job satisfaction


develop or apply mathematical or statistical theory and methods to collect, organize, interpret, and summarize numerical data to provide usable information. May specialize in fields such as bio-statistics, agricultural statistics, business statistics, or economic statistics. Includes mathematical and survey statisticians.
Salary: $97170
Education: Master's degree
Strong job growth
High job satisfaction

SEM Strategists

Tyla Oliver from Travel Tractions
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employ search marketing tactics to increase visibility and engagement with content, products, or services in Internet-enabled devices or interfaces. Examine search query behaviors on general or specialty search engines or other Internet-based content. Analyze research, data, or technology to understand user intent and measure outcomes for ongoing optimization.
Salary: $96740
Education: Bachelor's degree
High job satisfaction

Molecular and Cellular Biologists

research and study cellular molecules and organelles to understand cell function and organization.
Salary: $89910
Education: Doctoral degree

Photonics Technicians

build, install, test, or maintain optical or fiber optic equipment, such as lasers, lenses, or mirrors, using spectrometers, interferometers, or related equipment.
Salary: $67640
Education: Associate's degree
High job satisfaction


appraise, edit, and direct safekeeping of permanent records and historically valuable documents. Participate in research activities based on archival materials.
Salary: $61210
Education: Master's degree
Strong job growth
High job satisfaction

Geological Sample Test Technicians

test or analyze geological samples, crude oil, or minerals to detect presence of petroleum, gas, or mineral deposits indicating potential for exploration or production or to determine physical or chemical properties to ensure that products meet quality standards.
Salary: $61130
Education: Bachelor's degree
Strong job growth


stain, mount, and study cells to detect evidence of cancer, hormonal abnormalities, and other pathological conditions following established standards and practices.
Salary: $55990
Education: Bachelor's degree
Strong job growth
High job satisfaction


Jeff Kolodny from Jeff Kolodny Photography
Thadeus Parkland from P1Photography
Kelly Johnson from Kelly Johnson Photography
Michae E. Allen from A Sharp Photo
11 reviews
photograph people, landscapes, merchandise, or other subjects, using digital or film cameras and equipment. May develop negatives or use computer software to produce finished images and prints. Includes scientific photographers, aerial photographers, and photojournalists.
Salary: $50290
Education: No degree required
High job satisfaction


Elizabeth Arnold from Alloys by Arnold
Edgar Hidalgo from Shetler Fine Jewelers
4 reviews
Jewelers fabricate and repair jewelry articles. Make models or molds to create jewelry items.
Salary: $48050
Education: No degree required

Animal Breeders

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select and breed animals according to their genealogy, characteristics, and offspring. May require knowledge of artificial insemination techniques and equipment use. May involve keeping records on heats, birth intervals, or pedigree.
Salary: $43930
Education: No degree required

Craft Artists

create or reproduce hand-made objects for sale and exhibition using a variety of techniques, such as welding, weaving, pottery, and needlecraft.
Salary: $38260
Education: Bachelor's degree

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