How To Become an Insurance Sales Agent

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Insurance Sales Agents career information
pros and cons of being an Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance Sales Agents

sell life, property, casualty, health, automotive, or other types of insurance. May refer clients to independent brokers, work as an independent broker, or be employed by an insurance company.

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How To Become an Insurance Sales Agent

How long does it take, what degree do you need and more.

In this requirements guide for Insurance Sales Agents, you will find out what do you need to become an Insurance Sales Agent, how hard is it, and what does it take to become one.

After reading this, you will be able to plan for your future if you want to be an Insurance Sales Agent.

What degree do you need

Recommended degree level

Bachelor’s Degree

We did a survey to ask other Insurance Sales Agents what degree they had when they became an Insurance Sales Agent. Here are the results.
Bachelor’s Degree

Associate’s Degree

High School Diploma

One of the most common questions that we always get is what major or degree do I need to become Insurance Sales Agents or what courses do I need to take.

We also asked Insurance Sales Agents what did they major in college or university and here are the top 5 most popular majors that came up.


A high school diploma is the typical requirement for insurance sales agents, although a bachelor’s degree is the most common degree held by other insurance sales agents when they got the job. Degrees in business, finance or economics can be useful for candidates including those who are looking to advance to a managerial position.


schools for Insurance Sales Agents

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Questions to ask the university or college:

  1. How many students are in the program?
  2. Is your program accredited?
  3. How many faculty members do you have? Do they hold the right credentials?
  4. What is your job placement rate?
  5. Does your school hold career fairs or other on-campus events with employers? How many employers typically attend?
  6. How many of your students have at least one internship by graduation?

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How hard is it


You will need a considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge or experience to be an Insurance Sales Agent. For example, an accountant must complete 4 years of college and work for several years in accounting to be considered qualified.

Careers in this difficulty category will usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training. These careers usually involve coordinating, supervising, managing, or training others. Similar careers include sales managers, database administrators, chemists, and art directors.

Related work experience required


Up to 1 month

1 to 3 months

Job training
6 months to 1 year

6 months to 1 year


3 to 6 months

License and certifications

Do you need any license or certification

Insurance sales agents must have a license in the states where they work. Separate licenses are required for agents to sell life and health insurance and property and casualty insurance. In most states, licenses are issued only to applicants who complete specified courses and who pass state exams covering insurance fundamentals and state insurance laws. Most state licensing authorities also require agents to take continuing education courses focusing on insurance laws, consumer protection, ethics, and the technical details of various insurance policies. As the demand for financial products and financial planning services increases, many agents also choose to get licensed and certified to sell securities and other financial products.

Skills required

We asked other Insurance Sales Agents if they could only have 5 skills, what would they be. Here is what they said.

1. Active Listening what does this mean
2.Reading Comprehension what does this mean
3.Writing what does this mean
4.Speaking what does this mean
5.Critical Thinking what does this mean

= Hot in-demand that most employers are looking for

Knowledge required

Just like any other job, you will need certain know-hows to excel at your job. Insurance Sales Agents are generally very knowledgeable in these 5 key areas.

1. Customer and Personal Service what does this mean
2.Sales and Marketing what does this mean
3.English Language what does this mean
4.Economics and Accounting what does this mean
5.Clerical what does this mean

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