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Stan T.

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Future of Work Institute

I am a Project Manager for the Future of Work Institute, a tech startup utilizing data to empower the burgeoning platform economy. We share insights and collaborate with researchers to provide labor market stakeholders and policymakers with data to make decisions built on facts. Our data is garnered from Appjobs, a platform with over 2 … Read More

My name is Jessica and I work for a tech startup called Zammad, where we have developed an issue tracking software. Before taking this job I had no prior experience in the tech industry (I work in food and hospitality before), so this is a great challenge. I’m in charge of Marketing at Zammad, and … Read More


Working as a content writer is extremely fulfilling, particularly as a creative individual. With millions of products to write copies for, covering thousands of different categories, I can truly say that no day is ever the same. As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life”, and getting to experience that day in and … Read More

Payment Depot

I’ve always thought that words have power and I’ve been able to turn my love of language into a career in the tech sector as a content marketer. I’m always up before the sun, exercise, breakfast, and then it’s time to get to work. I start my day by checking emails and other messages to … Read More


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