What Do Communications Managers Do

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Communications Managers are essentially in-house Public Relations (PR) Specialists. However, along with managing external communications to the public, Communications Managers also manage internal communications.

Working as a Communications Manager is an interesting career choice, as your decisions directly impact the reputation of your employer.

The Communications Manager, or Communications Director, is responsible for ensuring that all external and internal memos and reports align with the values and needs of the organization. They may prepare press releases, media reports, and marketing materials. They may also review and edit internal company letters to employees.

Communications Managers

Communications Managers review all communications for an organization, including internal memos and external press releases. They may also write original communications.

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What they do

Communications Managers review all communications for an organization, including internal memos and external press releases. They may also write original communications.

Write Press Releases and Media Reports

The Communications Manager is typically responsible for writing or reviewing all press releases and media reports. They need to ensure that the content of the press releases follows company policies and matches the image that the company wants to promote. 

Along with aligning with the company’s vision, the press releases often need to provide specific information. The Communications Manager may need to summarize the information that the company wants to share with the public.

Oversee the Development of Marketing Material

Marketing materials are a type of external communication, which is the responsibility of the Communications Manager. As a Communications Manager, you may oversee the development of marketing material, ensuring that the overall message of the material aligns with the company’s brand and values. 

Along with the development of marketing material, Communications Managers may help develop customer loyalty programs.

Provide Talking Points for Employees

Before talking to the press, employees may need to receive a briefing from the Communications Manager. For example, you may need to explain to employees what they can and cannot discuss. You may also provide employees with specific talking points or messages to communicate with the press.

Review and Edit Internal Company Memos

Communications Managers need to monitor internal communications, including company memos and letters to employees. The goal of the Communications Manager is to ensure that internal communications follow all company policies and legal requirements.

Manage the Public Relations and Marketing Staff

The Communications Manager is often the top-level employee within the marketing department of a company. They oversee the work of marketing and public relations (PR) staff.

The marketing and PR staff may write original press releases, company memos, and other communications. The Communications Manager then reviews the material before it is released.

Prepare Media Activity Reports for Executives

The Communications Manager may need to prepare reports for executives. For example, you may need to generate a report showcasing the impact of a recent press release or marketing campaign. The reports provide executives with a summary of the results of your efforts.

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What is it like working as one


You Get to Help Boost the Profile of Your Employer

An effective Communications Manager helps improve brand awareness and recognition, which is a rewarding experience.

You Get to Interact with a Wide Range of Individuals

Communications Managers work with a diverse group of people and meet individuals in a variety of fields.

You May Gain National Exposure

The Communications Director may occasionally handle interviews with the press, providing national exposure.

Work Is Rarely Boring

When working for a large company, Communications Managers deal with all types of communications, which keeps the job interesting.


Communications Managers Must Deal with Pressure

Working as a Communications Manager is a demanding job with a lot of pressure, as the company’s image is heavily influenced by your decisions.

You May Work Long Hours

Communications Managers often work full work weeks and may work long hours during the day. It is not uncommon to put in a 12- to 14-hour workday, especially when the company is dealing with a PR issue.

Where they work

Private Corporations
Small Businesses
Government Organizations
Public Relations Firms

Communications Managers are employed in almost every industry. They often work for large corporations that need to maintain a positive public image, such as manufacturers, retail stores, and businesses that provide services to the public. Other common employers include government organizations and agencies. Communications Managers may also lead public relations firms.

How to become one

Step 1: Study English and Marketing in High School

Communications Managers require strong reading and writing skills, which high school students can develop through English classes. Marketing classes may also provide useful skills, if available at your school.

Step 2: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Most Communications Managers have Bachelor’s degrees. The most common majors include Communications, Public Relations, English, Marketing, and Journalism.

Step 3: Consider Earning a Master’s Degree

A Master’s degree is not typically required for this career, but some employers may prefer a graduate degree when multiple candidates apply for a position. Public Relations and Communications are suitable majors.

Step 4: Obtain an Entry-Level Job

Communications Managers often have years of experience before achieving their final position. You may need to start with entry-level jobs in the marketing department or working for a public relations firm.

Step 5: Earn Voluntary Certifications

Earning voluntary certifications may help you climb from entry-level positions to the role of a Communications Manager. Certification through the Public Relations Society of America is a common choice.

Should you become one

Communications Managers require superb communications skills, due to the need to communicate information in a positive light. This job also requires strong leadership skills, as Communications Managers typically manage other staff. You may also need good organizational skills to ensure that communications follow your employer’s policies.

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