COO – Sameer Jafri

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COO – Sameer Jafri

Sameer Jafri

Being a Co-founder and COO of Avive, my company’s mission is to save lives from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD). So, my role demands me to motivate, communicate, and create awareness for AED use to prevent deaths from SCD.

I have a team of volunteers, leading cardiologists, electrophysiologists working in our foundation. So, I need to keep in touch with them for awareness campaigns. I reach out to organizations such as schools, colleges, gyms, offices, sports clubs, etc. Later, if the clients would like to make a purchase, I need to coordinate with the Sales Team and Technical Team for providing AED to the organization.

As COO, I arrange meetings with other founders to explore different opportunities to bring awareness on the importance of keeping AED. I also need to make sure every process is streamlined in the foundation.


It feels great when someone informs me how they could save the life of their friend or family member using AED. It makes me feel blessed and motivates me to continue my mission every day.


The cons of my job are too meager even to consider. Sometimes, I don’t find enough time to spend with my family but saving a life by supplying an AED machine feels like a blessing.

Sameer Jafri
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Chief Operating Officers

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) manages an organization’s daily operations. They coordinate with the heads of each department to ensure that projects remain on track and meet the objectives of the organization.

Salary: $144000
Salary Rank: A
Suitable Personality: The Leader