What Does An IT Director Do (including Their Typical Day at Work)

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IT Directors

IT directors help to manage computing resources and technology assets for companies. They work to ensure that technology remains secure while also being accessible, and this requires them to perform many job duties.


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IT directors are professionals who are tasked with managing computing resources for various companies. They work in several different industries and are an imperative part of making technology accessible while also keeping an eye on security concerns.

This is a career path that is becoming increasingly important in the world due to how reliant everyone is on technology.

What they do

IT directors help to manage computing resources and technology assets for companies. They work to ensure that technology remains secure while also being accessible, and this requires them to perform many job duties.

Working to Improve IT Processes

It’s important for IT directors to work hard to keep IT processes going smoothly. If there are issues with IT processes in a company, then it can grind progress to a halt. A good IT director can help to implement positive changes that will make things go better overall. They can recognize problems and come up with solutions that will keep people from encountering constant technical hiccups.

Supervising Workers

Supervising IT workers is another big part of the job for IT directors. They need to ensure that the IT team is doing what they need to do. Sometimes they will have to coordinate groups of workers to handle specific tasks or projects. They communicate orders and ensure that the entire IT team is working toward the right goals.

Preparing Financial Budgets

Preparing financial budgets will be another part of the job to consider. IT directors need to use their technical knowledge and business knowledge to create financial budgets that make sense. They can then run their budget proposals by people higher up in the company.

Working to Identify New Market Opportunities

Working to identify new market opportunities allows IT directors to capitalize on situations that they feel the company should be paying attention to. They can recognize a need for something in the market, and this might lead to an IT director suggesting some changes. Sometimes IT directors will suggest new products that companies can work on.

Overseeing Important Technical Projects

Big technical projects need to be overseen by someone with the right knowledge and leadership skills. An IT director will know enough about the technical aspect to be able to lead a team of skilled workers. It’s important to ensure that a project is proceeding smoothly while also working to meet deadlines. Ensuring that the important technical project doesn’t go over the allotted budget is also crucial.

Finding Solutions to Business Problems with Engineers

There are times when companies will have technical problems that will prevent them from finding success in some way. IT directors will need to work alongside engineers in companies to help solve problems like this. They will help to solve problems with technical knowledge, but they’ll also need to think about how to make things better from a practical business standpoint. IT directors need a mix of technical knowledge and business acumen, and this is why the job can be difficult for some people.

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What is the job like


Great Salary

One of the best reasons to want to become an IT director is that it pays extremely well. You can make a great living if you manage to work your way into an IT director job. This is a lucrative career that rewards those who have worked hard to get where they are.

You're at the Top of Your Job Field

Being an IT director makes you someone who has made it to the top of your field. This is the highest position that someone who works in IT can strive for. It isn’t easy to become an IT director, but once you get there, it’s something that you can feel good about.

It's a Growing Career

It’s true that IT directors are very much in-demand right now. The IT field is growing, and the demand for qualified IT directors is there. The growth rate for IT directors is far outpacing the average job growth rates in the United States.

Intellectually Satisfying and Challenging

Working as an IT director is a very satisfying and rewarding career. It’s intellectually satisfying and challenging at the same time. You’ll constantly be putting your knowledge to use and solving problems for the company that you work for. Companies value IT directors, and you’ll always feel like what you’re doing matters.


You Work Long Hours

Working long hours will be a normal part of the job for IT directors. They will regularly spend late hours at the office, and it might leave them with less time for personal life matters. Many IT directors feel that they must be hyper-focused on their careers to find success.

It Can Be Stressful

You’re going to be responsible for many things when working as an IT director. This means that it’s going to be tough for people who aren’t good at handling stress. Not everyone can handle the pressure of being responsible for groups of people and big projects.

Where they work

Finance industry
Insurance Industry
Tech Industry
Manufacturing Industry

IT directors work in companies that utilize technology, and you can find them in multiple different industries. They work in the finance industry, the insurance industry, the manufacturing industry, and so much more. Most companies that rely on technology are going to need IT directors.

How to become one

Step 1. Get a Bachelor's Degree

You’re going to need to get a bachelor’s degree in either computer science or information technology so that you can enter the IT field. This should take you approximately four years of college, but it could go faster or slower for you based on certain factors.

Step 2. Apply for IT Jobs

You’ll need to start out by working a normal IT technician job at a company. Companies only hire people with significant IT experience to become IT directors. This means that your best bet is to work your way up the company ladder over time. On average, an IT director will need five years of IT experience to get an IT director position.

Step 3. Earn a Master's Degree

While you’re working an IT job, it’s recommended to pursue getting a master’s degree. Some IT director positions will require a master’s degree.

Step 4. Keep Training and Acquiring IT Certifications

You can improve your chances even more by continuing to train. Do your best to acquire various IT certifications so that you will be seen as an asset to the company. When an IT director position becomes available in the company, you’ll be able to apply. If you have the right experience, then you might get the opportunity.

Should you become one

Best personality type for this career

The Thinker

People with this personality likes to work with ideas that require an extensive amount of thinking. They prefer work that requires them to solve problems mentally.

You can read more about these career personality types here.

To succeed as an IT director, you’re going to need to be a hard-working person who is willing to put in the time. It takes a long time to become an IT director, and you’ll need to be willing to keep improving yourself to get the opportunity to become one. IT directors are people who like being challenged intellectually, and they also like to continue to learn about technology because it’s an ever-evolving thing. It’s also best to be good at dealing with stress due to how stressful this career path can be.

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