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Fitness Copywriter – David Sautter

David Sautter
Fitness Copywriter
Top Fitness Magazine

My days usually involve some combination of the following:

  • Discovery calls with clients who own fitness businesses (e.g., gyms, supplement stores, website owners, etc.).
  • “Roadmapping” with clients to help them understand the next steps they need to take to increase readership, authority, and sales.
  • Creating fitness content in the form of articles, social media posts, newsletters, product descriptions, landing page copy, etc.
  • Tending to my own business website needs (e.g., improving website speed, writing content for my own blog, etc.).
  • Educating myself with training courses and books on how to be a more proficient writer AND fitness industry expert.

My typical day

For me, a normal day as a fitness copywriter starts with a morning routine of self-care and self-improvement (e.g., exercise, meditation, journal, etc.).

Then I review my task list for the day. Depending on the day, I will work on my business (e.g., content creation), jump on a discovery call with a new client (e.g., finding out what the client needs to improve their content marketing), or begin to take care of client work (e.g., blogs, articles, e-books).

For the vast majority of my client projects, a deep review of several scientific research studies on exercise science, nutrition, etc. is required. I only produce work that is based on proven literature and not anecdotal claims.

Once the research is complete, there is a great deal of brainstorming. This leads to the creation of an outline for the article, e-book, or product/service/website copy that I’m creating for that client.


Networking and talking with some of the most respected and knowledgeable names and brands in the industry. I love it when I can learn directly from people I’ve been following for years.

The unlimited growth potential: When you run your own copywriting business, you get to decide your level of involvement and how high you want to take it. Do you want to make just enough to pay bills and save a bit each month but have more time on your hands? Or do you want to shoot for a six-figure income while traveling the world? It’s up to you.

I’m always learning something new. From updating my website to taking online courses on copywriting, new fitness technology, etc., I’m always expanding my knowledge base, which in turn, helps me be a better writer for my clients.


It’s easy to forget about self-care. I’ve fallen in and out of schedules and routines that were beneficial for my wellbeing. I feel like the work side of it is so easy but the self-care side of owning a business is the difficult part of it. It’s important to remind yourself that there will always be more work to be done, and it’s okay to set a stopping point each day. What’s more, it’s not wise to just keep working without a break. Studies have shown that you’re more productive when you give yourself time to hang out with friends, go on a date with a significant other, and just be lazy for an hour. Your brain needs time to recharge. A lot of people don’t realize that you have a limited amount of creativity each day and to refill that cup, you need rest and recovery.

David Sautter
Fitness Copywriter
Top Fitness Magazine
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