Quality Manager – Brandon Fowler

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Quality Manager – Brandon Fowler

Brandon Fowler
Quality Manager
A small (~50 employee) optical component manufacturer

I’m a Quality Manager at a small (~50 employee) optical component manufacturer. We make customer designed parts for the aerospace, military, defense, and biomedical industries among others.

My typical day varies but frequently consists of scheduling work for the quality department, interacting with customer representatives, reviewing orders for customer requirements, planning training activities, and reporting on statistical trends related to product quality.


The pros of my job are that the work is varied which means every day is different and there has been an excellent opportunity for advancement without requiring any higher education. I started with my current employer as a temp.


The biggest con of my job is that the work is very documentation intensive and requires being extremely thorough to ensure everything has been manufactured and documented correctly.

Brandon Fowler
Quality Manager
A small (~50 employee) optical component manufacturer
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Quality Control Systems Managers

plan, direct, or coordinate quality assurance programs. Formulate quality control policies and control quality of laboratory and production efforts.

Salary: $118190
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Very High
Job Growth: Low
Suitable Personality: The Leader