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Day in the life of
Game Producer – Zach Cundall

Zach Cundall
Game Producer
Bulkhead Interactive

To give you a little background, I ran my own video game studio for 4 years and in that time won multiple awards such as the UK Games Fund, Creative Englands CE50 and was BAFTA nominated!

Since then, I have branched out into becoming a Producer for my current workplace whilst also running my own educational company Insight 2 Games. Here I run workshops for schools and colleges and run lessons teaching everything game design!

My Typical Day

As part of my Production job, it is my responsibility to ensure the team is constantly caught up on what’s going on across the studio. I run daily stand up meetings where each department gathers around to give a one by one quick run down of the day’s tasks and the previous day’s accomplishments. I use production software that allows me to assign tasks and provide time limits on when things need to be done to hit the timeline.

This is important because a programmer may need to implement player movement but this may require a certain animation to be completed, the animation can only be completed with a character and the character can only be completed with the concept. Look at it like a giant puzzle that is constantly changing. It’s my job to adapt and overcome problems each and every day so that my team only has to do their work without the worry of anything else. A good Producer will ensure that everything looks fine even when it’s not!

Generally, I have a really great team right now and I work at Bulkhead Interactive in Derby. There are around 40-60 of us working on an unannounced project and I am the sole Producer making sure that things are being hit and prioritised for our deadlines.


1. Pros of being a Producer is how much involvement you get with the team. You are a people person who gets to walk around and watch a project go from a grey blocked out level into a beautiful vast world. You feel like an integral part of the team as you are the glue that keeps each department together.


The cons would be personally for me the lack of being creative myself. I am a very creative person who loves doing games design but as my core role, I don’t get involved in that area.

Zach Cundall
Game Producer
Bulkhead Interactive
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Game Producers

Game Producers are responsible for the overall development of video game projects. They are involved in every step, from hiring Designers and Artists to managing the production schedule and budget.

Salary: $79400
Salary Rank: B
Education: Bachelor's degree
Suitable Personality: The Leader

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