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Radio and Television Announcers

Other names for this job might include Anchor, Announcer, Broadcaster, Broadcasting Specialist, Commercial Announcer, Community Liaison, Disc Jockey, FM Announcer, Game Show Host, Game Show Host or Hostess

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How Much Do Radio TV Announcers Make In 2018

In this salary guide, you will find out how much do Radio and Television Announcers make.

After reading this, you will be able to make a decision if working as a Radio and Television Announcer will suit your financial goals (e.g: buying a home, BMW or just your target salary goal).

Average salary

Annual salary
$48170 per year
Hourly wage
$23.160 per hour

One of the most popular questions we get from our readers here at OwlGuru is how much do Radio TV Announcers make per year and what is their hourly wage.

According to BLS, the average annual salary of Radio TV Announcers is $48170. Their salary can also be as low as $18390 if you’re still a newbie with no experience to over $89720 if you have a ton of experience under your belt.

The typical hourly pay is $23.160 and can range from $8.840 to $43.130 which also depends if you’re a newbie or a professional.

Just like any other job, the salary of A Radio TV Announcer will vary based on your education and experience level.

# = Over $100 per hour or $200,000 per year.
Salary rank

We wanted to make it easy for our readers to compare the salary of A Radio TV Announcer to all the other careers out there. So we created Salary Rank.

This compares the salary of all careers and we give them a rank of A, B, C or D depending on how high or low is their average salary.

After comparing how much do Radio TV Announcers make with other careers, they have a salary rank of C.

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Salary range

Highest (Top 10%)$43.130$89720
Senior (Top 25%)$24.520$51000
Middle (Mid 50%)$15.100$31400
Junior (Bottom 25%)$10.430$21700
No experience (Bottom 10%)$8.840$18390

Entry-level Radio TV Announcers who starts out at $21700 can expect to make $31400 after 3-5 years of experience in the field.

The bottom 10% makes less than $8.840 per hour while the top 10% makes over $43.130 per hour.

While the median wage is $31400 per annum or $15.100 per hour.

Depending on who you work for, you might also get overtime pay.

# = Over $100 per hour or $200,000 per year.

Highest paying industries

Industry nameHourly wageAnnual salary
Agents and Managers for Artists, Athletes, Entertainers, and Other Public Figures54.93114260
Performing Arts Companies48.89101700
Spectator Sports36.5776070
Performing Arts, Spectator Sports, and Related Industries32.7168040
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation32.4467470
Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events29.5261400
Television Broadcasting27.9958220
Colleges, universities, and professional schools, Privately owned24.3750680
Junior colleges, Local government owned24.3550640
Educational Services, Privately owned23.9149720
Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers23.5949070
Educational Services, Local government owned23.4248710
Educational Services (including private, state, and local government schools)22.5446890
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools (including private, state, and local government schools)21.644930
Local government, including schools and hospitals21.3744450
Federal, state, and local government, including government owned schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service21.2144110
All industries21.1744030
All industries, private ownership only21.1744030
State government, including schools and hospitals21.1143920
Educational Services, State government owned21.0943860
Broadcasting (except Internet)20.3442300
Radio and Television Broadcasting20.242010
Colleges, universities, and professional schools, State government owned19.3240190
Radio Broadcasting19.0139550
Federal, State, and Local Government18.5738630
Federal, State, and Local Government, excluding state and local schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service18.5738630
Local Government, excluding schools and hospitals17.7336870
Elementary and Secondary Schools (including private, state, and local government schools)17.736810
Publishing Industries (except Internet)17.5136420
Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers17.5136420
Newspaper Publishers17.1235600
Other Services (except Federal, State, and Local Government)16.9435230
Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations16.9435230
Sector 56- Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services16.4234140
Administrative and Support Services16.4234140
Employment Services16.4234140

Not all industries pay the same for Radio and Television Announcers.

One of the easiest way to increase your salary is to change industries and find a higher paying one.

Highest paying states


Another simple way to boost your pay as A Radio TV Announcer is to move to a higher paying state. However moving to a higher paying state like MD doesn’t mean you will make more overall. This is because the expenses at MD may be 2x higher than where you are currently living at right now.

According to the BLS, the highest paid / most successful Radio TV Announcers are in the states of MD, NY, OR, CA and DC. The average salary in MD is $76150.

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Rank: C+
Salary: $84380

They analyze, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources.
Rank: D
Salary: $45800

They collect and analyze facts about newsworthy events by interview, investigation, or observation. Report and write stories for newspaper, news magazine, radio, or television.
Rank: C
Salary: $75090

They edit moving images on film, video, or other media. May edit or synchronize soundtracks with images.
Rank: C+
Salary: $67870

They write advertising copy for use by publication or broadcast media to promote sale of goods and services.
Rank: D
Salary: $26120

They escort individuals or groups on sightseeing tours or through places of interest, such as industrial establishments, public buildings, and art galleries.

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Art, Entertainment and Sports Journalism and Broadcasting

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