What Do Project Managers Do

Stan T.

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What is the job like

Methane gas conversion industry

I was the Project Manager for a gas processing company that provided the technology for methane gas conversion plants. Our typical client was a landfill that produces a lot of methane gas naturally. My company provided the technology, subcontracted the building of equipment, and then provided installation assistance to clean the gas so it would … Read More

TOC Logistics International

Working on the PM team means that your day is a combination of many tasks which leads to a lot of variety in your day! These can range from working on implementing a new customer, assisting an internal team with a specific process, or working with our agents and partners to ensure we have adequate … Read More

One of the big three US automaker suppliers

Most of my career (13+ years in the auto industry) has been as a supplier for two of the big three US automakers. I have experience and can speak to working on national and regional advertising campaigns at an advertising agency. As a Marketing supplier, working very closely with marketing, advertising, social media, product development, … Read More


I am the New Product Development Project Manager at Nielsen-Kellerman. We are a trusted developer and manufacturer of rugged, reliable, and accurate consumer electronics instruments that help our customers succeed in their profession or passion. When I think of my job, I can pose a parallel to any type of sports team you’d like to … Read More


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