Zoo Ranger – Beth Newark

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Zoo Ranger – Beth Newark

Beth Newark
Zoo Ranger

I prepare engagement for the animals, interacting with visitors, and giving talks and presentations.

A typical day would mean arriving at the zoo before it opens. I would then work my way around unlocking paths and turning on the visitor experience equipment like screens and speakers.

The rest of my day would be structured about which Animal Talks and Learning Sessions I had that day. The Animal Talks are on a set timetable but they are shared between the Keeper teams the Rangers teams each day. Learning sessions are when groups of school pupils visit the zoo to learn about specific topics that relate to their curriculum such as animal adaptations or animal care.

In between Talks and Learning sessions, which are at fixed times, I would spend time creating enrichment for the animals. Enrichment is food/sensory materials that we give the animals to encourage them to practice natural behaviours. For example, for the otters, a natural behaviour is opening things with their paws so we might wrap up some of their favourite food up in a large leaf or a cardboard box and they get to use their instincts to get it out. Once I’ve created the enrichment I would deliver it to the animals and engage with visitors who are in the vicinity.


Getting to talk to people about animals all day, getting to care for the animals and enrich their lives, getting to learn new things about the animals, getting to share my passion for wildlife conservation.


On days with no visitors, you need to fill your time with planning and research.

Beth Newark
Zoo Ranger
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Zookeepers care for the animals kept at zoos. Their daily duties involve feeding animals, cleaning enclosures, administering medications, and reporting health issues to veterinarians.

Salary: $38600
Salary Rank: D
Education: Bachelor's degree
Suitable Personality: The Builder