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VP of People – Pete Sosnowski

Pete Sosnowski
VP of People

This is Pete Sosnowski, VP of People at Zety. HR management is one of the major parts of my position. I do most of the recruitment.

My day starts with my fake commute. Leaving the house and coming back home to “go to work” gives me that mental transition that helps in having a clear head.

Being calm and relaxed are important ingredients for my position which requires a steady dose of important decisions and critical thinking on a myriad of topics. As an HR manager at a medium-sized company, I receive anywhere from 100-120 emails per day–all requesting me to advise on recruitment, policies, training opportunities, reimbursements, performance evals, and loads of other things.

The amazing part of my job: The people! It’s very gratifying knowing that the policies we put into place are helping our employees and increasing their job satisfaction. I get to meet amazing people who are potential candidates and have the pleasure of having a part in arranging promotions and salary increases for our amazing staff. We really are a friendly crew!

I spend a lot of time trolling for engaging onboarding activities and programs to make our people happy. And then rolling them out.

The meh part of my job: Paperwork. That’s it in a nutshell. We have a form for EVERYTHING. Creating them, filling them out, collecting them, organizing them, and then finding them as needed. It’s not for the faint of heart! About 20% of my day is dedicated to paperwork…ugh!

The stomach-wrenching part of my job: Having to let someone go. Sometimes people leave when they find an irresistible opportunity or just want a change of pace. Sometimes an employee is not a good fit in the organization. Having that conversation can be stress-inducing. That fake commute I mentioned above?

As part of my job, I have to prepare for the bumps and this is certainly one in which a daily “OM” can make a difference.

Pete Sosnowski
VP of People
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