Health Coach – Marvin Nixon, MS, NBC-HWC

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Health Coach – Marvin Nixon, MS, NBC-HWC

Marvin Nixon, MS, NBC-HWC
Health Coach

An Integrative Health Coach works with clients to engineer habits and behaviours that are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. The behaviours and habits are led by the client and the Coach is a guide to assist the client in the process of building healthful habits. What some proponents of health coaching may call integrative health and others may call deep health the idea is the same. Optimal health is supported by all dimensions of our lives, our sleep, nutrition, movement, our physical environment, our emotions, our professional development, our personal development, and our spirituality.

The day to day life of a health coach consists mainly of meeting with clients either face-to-face or online. These meetings have a set intention of assisting the client with an aspect of their health that they have found the desire for change. The client might be anywhere on their journey of change from exploring what it means to change a behaviour to ready to take action on that change. How many client interactions a coach may have during a day depends on many factors including desired workload, number of clients, and length of client meetings.

The positives of working as a health coach centers on working one on one with clients or with groups of clients assisting them on their journey to optimal human performance. Many health coaches can work full time as a health coach while others may also be nurses, pharmacists, doctors, nutritionists, business coaches, and personal trainers. In my case, I work as a personal trainer and a health coach, and clear communication with the client about each role is necessary. Being a Health Coach can be confused with being a personal trainer, however, the skillset of a Health Coach and the skillset of a Personal Trainer are different yet complementary.

Marvin Nixon
Marvin is a Duke Integrative Medicine educated and certified Health Coach and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching.

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Health Coaches

The primary responsibility of a health coach is to mentor individuals or groups and help them set specific lifestyle and nutrition goals. They guide, motivate, and help people achieve changes to live a healthier life.

Salary: $47400
Salary Rank: C
Suitable Personality: The Helper