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Early Childhood Educator – Kayleigh MacLean

Kayleigh MacLean
Early Childhood Educator
Tiny Hoppers

In any childcare program, an educator has a schedule and a program that they need to adhere to. However, anyone who has worked in childcare knows that really, it’s more of a child-led environment. One has to be able to go with the flow, as much as they’re able to keep order.

We start the mornings with a healthy snack, followed by a teacher-directed art or sensory activity. Then we try to play outside as much as we can!

Back inside for lunch and nap, then wake-up time and another snack.

We end the day outside as parents come to pick their children up.

And in between all of that, there’s crying and tantrums and laughing and tickles and bo-bo’s and “No Thank You”’s and “Yes Please”es. There are diaper changes and teething rings, there’s programming and sanitizing and cleaning and caring… There are a million and one things to do in a day, but with the right team and a positive attitude, as well as a fierce desire to love and care for these babies, the days go by in a flash 😉


As with any job, there are pros and cons to working in childcare. Often the cons are having to overextend oneself in order to provide a full and enriching program for the children. Any teacher can admit that they take their work home with them sometimes. Having to program after work hours because there is just never enough time in a day. But that comes with the territory. That comes with being a caring and dedicated educator. Someone who loves their job despite the difficulties.


And the pros are so rewarding. Having a child connect with you. Trust you. Look to you for solace when they are feeling lost and overwhelmed in a strange new environment. It warms your heart. Helping to teach these little beings how to function in the world, and watching them grow and flourish, it’s a feeling that can barely be described. I’ve heard countless times that it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. And it’s true, it does.

Kayleigh MacLean
Early Childhood Educator
Tiny Hoppers
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