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DevOps Engineer – Rish Chowdhry

Rish Chowdhry
DevOps Engineer

I currently work as a DevOps Engineer in a recent Series A & B funded start up, focusing on change orchestration within Financial Institutes. I joined straight out of University at UCL, London, having studied something completely different in the form of Maths with Economics. I am currently 2 years into this role.

Rish's work from home workspace

Rish’s work from home workspace

A typical day begins with a stand up with the team where we discuss blockers, plans, and also considerations for the upcoming day. These sessions are usually energetic and a chance to bounce quick ideas of senior devs and formulate a plan.

After this, I like to hop into whatever programming task I’m focusing on, whether that be a quick automation of a process or substantial project work. This is definitely the most enjoyable part of the day as it’s always a satisfying feeling getting something to work, especially when it’s resilient. I am a big fan of asking other devs to take a look at my code so that I can continuously improve the standard of my code.

The afternoon usually involves meetings with members of other teams, typically CSM or Sales, and also agreeing on roadmaps for them to report back to customers. I round up the day by taking a look at any PRs (Pull Requests) that are in code review, mainly to look at different code styles and be aware of new features.

Pros and Cons

The biggest benefit is perhaps also the biggest con – that is the sheer vastness of knowledge that’s out there. It’s great that there is always something new to learn, for example, I’m currently focusing on Kubernetes and Terraform, but it does feel like an impossible race at times. New tools are becoming available at an alarming pace so it can be hard to know where to focus. I find the best way to approach it is to do things that genuinely interest you.

Rish Chowdhry
DevOps Engineer
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DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers deliver agile IT solutions by combining development and deployment. They help develop IT projects and remain involved during deployment, allowing organizations to make swift changes.

Salary: $115700
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Suitable Personality: The Thinker