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Bartender – Abby Hau

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Life being a bartender

Bartending is an extremely satisfying and thrilling journey to take in the service industry. But, it can be a little overwhelming. As a bartender, there is a lot of multitasking, which can exhaust you, but bartending can give you a very thrilling experience once you are into it. Although it indeed requires a lot of socializing, it can be tough to maintain mental and physical peace. At times you will have to stand on your feet for long hours and socialize with annoying and ill-mannered people.

Besides physical requirements, you will have to hold your energy levels up because every customer deserves the same kind of kindness and service. To become a skilled bartender, you need to learn and experiment with new recipes and memorize a lot.


As a bartender, you will not have to join any bartending learning school, so the skill is free of cost to learn. But the job requires hard work and a lot of practice. The second pro is that bartending can be a very stable job that can allow you to earn well, ranging from few dollars to hundreds and thousands of dollars.


But the flip side of the coin is that heavy music can damage your ears. The long night working hours can negatively impact your sleeping pattern. On weekends and public holidays, the job can be very demanding and can include extra working hours. As many of the people are drunk, you might have bad and nasty experiences. The job also offers no plans like retirement, pension, and promotion. This job is also not considered a reputable and valuable job, so you can also have difficulty applying to different jobs because the experience does not count.

Abby Hau
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mix and serve drinks to patrons, directly or through waitstaff.

Salary: $28910
Salary Rank: D
Education: No degree required
Becoming One: Easy
Job Satisfaction: Low
Job Growth: High
Suitable Personality: The Leader