Should I Become A Product Manager (One Minute Quiz)

Alyssa Omandac

Career Quiz and Most Suitable Personality

Product Managers

Product Managers Product managers do a lot of research and help to coordinate many things that go into developing products. They have a variety of different responsibilities.


Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.Confucius

Table of contents
  1. Career Quiz
  2. Suitable Personality Type
  3. Pros and Cons

Career Quiz

In this career quiz, there are 8-10 questions that will give you a pretty good perspective on whether this career is right for you.

There are 3 answers to each question: Dislike, Maybe, and Like.

Answer “Like / Yes” if you tell yourself “Yes! I would love do this” or “Yeah, I’m that type of person”.
Answer “Okay / Maybe” if you tell yourself “Umm…I think I will be okay with that”.
Answer “Dislike / No” if you tell yourself “Ugh…Sounds boring” or “No way!”.

Ready? Let’s start!

Question Yes Maybe No
Are you ready to research consumer needs to facilitate good product development for a company?
Are you ready to learn about market trends so that you can help produce better products?
Does helping to define the vision for a product appeal to you?
Are you a driven person who is ready to put in a lot of work so that you can make the best products?
Are you capable of handling the stress that comes along with meeting tight deadlines as a product manager?
Do you like doing intellectually challenging situations like the ones that product managers get placed in?
Are you willing to develop elite communication skills so that you can coordinate teams as a product manager?
Do you want to work as a product manager knowing that you’ll need to work long hours to meet deadlines?

Your Results


Now count how many points you have.

Dislike = 0 point
Okay = 1 point
Like = 2 points

After you’re done counting your points. Click below to view your results.

Suitable Personality Type

The Leader

People with this personality likes to start and work on projects. They also like leading people and making many decisions. You can read more about these career personality types here.

You need to be a driven person who is ready to do a lot of research. Product managers have to possess great communication skills. You also can’t be someone who gets easily frustrated because product managers have to overcome challenges on a daily basis. Being able to handle high-stress situations and tight deadlines will also be crucial.

Pros and Cons


Being Able to Use Your Creativity

You’re going to be able to tap into your creativity as a product manager. Product managers need to find creative solutions to problems that will make products as appealing as possible to consumers.

Working with Talented Professionals

Product managers have to coordinate the talents of many professionals so that they can work toward the same goal. It might be challenging to facilitate communication like this, but it’s also rewarding to work with so many other professionals.

Learning About Consumers

A lot of time will be spent learning about consumers and understanding what they want. People who like doing research will love working as product managers.

It's Intellectually Challenging

This isn’t a mundane career where you’ll just be putting in the time. Each day will be intellectually challenging and exciting as you try to figure out how to make the best product with the resources that you have available to you.


Product Managers Don't Always Have Real Authority

Product managers have many responsibilities, but they don’t always have real authority in companies. For example, you might not be able to order people to do certain things that need to be done because those things need to be approved by people in higher positions first.

Having to Overcome Budget Restrictions

You might have a great vision for a product, but you won’t always be able to realize that vision due to technological or budgetary restrictions. Product managers need to launch the best products or services that they can despite strict restrictions, and this isn’t going to be simple.

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