What Does A Personal Trainer Do (including Their Typical Day at Work)

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What is the job like

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My Typical Day When working as a Personal Trainer, you can definitely expect early mornings, late evenings, and weekend work. Clients train around their work schedule so that means before work, their lunch break, after work, or weekends. The great thing about working for your own company or as an independent contractor is you have … Read More

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I was an in-person PT for eight years pre-lockdown. Nowadays, I’m an online personal trainer. My Typical Day A typical workday as an online coach begins with replying to client emails—answering questions about their workout program, and giving feedback on their training technique. Sometimes I’ll also hop on a Zoom call with my training clients … Read More


What are the alternative career paths for Personal Trainers?

If being a personal trainer isn’t quite right for you, then other career paths, such as a fitness class instructor or a gym owner, might be a better fit. Fitness Class Instructor As an exercise class instructor, you get to interact with a wider range of gym-goers than a PT but on a less intimate … Read More

Answered by:
James Jackson
Personal Trainer

ACE vs NASM – Which is more recognized for jobs as a personal trainer?

Both NASM and ACE are internationally recognized and great certifications. I think it is geographical; when I lived in LA, most people I knew had NASM. Now that I live in Vancouver, I hear more people getting ACE. I will be biased because my certification is NASM, however I have recommended ACE to students as … Read More

Answered by:
Megan Williamson
Adaptive Fitness Coach

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