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Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators

Other names for this job might include Boat Assembler, Boat Builder, Boat Carpenter, Chopper Gun Operator, Composite Bond Technician, Composite Mechanic, Composite Technician, Fiberglass Boat Builder, Fiberglass Boat Finisher, Fiberglass Boat Maker

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Being A Fiberglass Laminator: What You Really Do

In this job description guide, you will find out what do Fiberglass Laminators and Fabricators do and what is their typical work day like. After reading this, you will have a much better idea on whether you will like working as a Fiberglass Laminator and Fabricator or not.

Job summary

Fiberglass Laminators laminate layers of fiberglass on molds to form boat decks and hulls, bodies for golf carts, automobiles, or other products.

We asked Fiberglass Laminators how satisfied they are with their job. Here is what they said.

Job satisfaction


How meaningful is this job


61% of them said they were satisfied with their job and 46% said they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else’s life better.

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Typical day

On a daily basis, Fiberglass Laminators Release air bubbles and smooth seams, using rollers. They Spray chopped fiberglass, resins, and catalysts onto prepared molds or dies using pneumatic spray guns with chopper attachments.

1 of the main responsibilities as A Fiberglass Laminator is to Select precut fiberglass mats, cloth, and wood-bracing materials as required by projects being assembled.

Some may also Pat or press layers of saturated mat or cloth into place on molds, using brushes or hands, and smooth out wrinkles and air bubbles with hands or squeegees.

In a normal work day, another thing that Fiberglass Laminators do is they Mix catalysts into resins, and saturate cloth and mats with mixtures, using brushes.

In addition to that, they Bond wood reinforcing strips to decks and cabin structures of watercraft, using resin-saturated fiberglass..

Place materials into molds.
Select production input materials.

We asked some Fiberglass Laminators a few questions to find out what else does their work day look like. Here is what we found.

Do you have telephone conversations everyday in this job?11% said yes
Do you have to use email everyday in this job?2% said yes
How important is it to work in a team in this job?65% said very important
Do you have group discussions everyday in this job?71% said yes
Do you have to meet strict deadlines everyday in this job?52% said yes
Do you talk or work with customers everyday in this job?2% said yes
Do you have to deal with angry customers everyday in this job?10% said yes
Do you have to make decisions everyday in this job?41% said yes

Other responsibilities

Working life

Working hours

40 hours per week

Working schedule

Regular (Set schedule and routine)

In a typical work week as A Fiberglass Laminator, you can expect to work 40 hours per week.

Do Fiberglass Laminators work in an office-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Fiberglass Laminators work in a warehouse-style work environment?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Do Fiberglass Laminators work outdoors?


Once a week

Once a month

Once a year


Is this right for me

Best personality for this career

The Builders and The Organizers

You can read more about these career personality types here. You will like this career if you are someone who likes work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. They like working with plants, animals, and real-world materials like wood, tools, and machinery. Many of the careers require working outside, and do not involve a lot of paperwork or working closely with others. You also like following set procedures and routines. They like working with data and details more than with ideas.

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They feed materials into or remove materials from machines or equipment that is automatic or tended by other workers.
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Salary: $31700

They perform a variety of duties such as mixing materials, assembling mold parts, filling molds, and stacking molds to mold and cast a wide range of products.
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They set up, operate, or tend machines to coat or paint any of a wide variety of products, including glassware, cloth, ceramics, metal, plastic, paper, or wood, with lacquer, silver, copper, rubber, varnish, glaze, enamel, oil, or rust-proofing materials.
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Salary: $26410

They operate or tend machines to bleach, shrink, wash, dye, or finish textiles or synthetic or glass fibers.

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