Lead Pediatrician – Dr. Corey Fish

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Lead Pediatrician – Dr. Corey Fish

Dr. Corey Fish
Lead Pediatrician
Brave Care

I’m the Chief Medical Officer and Lead Pediatrician for Brave Care, a modern primary and urgent care center for kids based out of Portland, Oregon.

My day at work looks like a combination of in-person urgent care visits, combined with telemedicine care; both during standard hours and after hours. The tasks which take up most of my time are balancing the two worlds of in-person pediatrics and telemedicine pediatrics. Finding the fine line of balance between both can be a challenge sometimes, yet it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of my job to provide excellent care across two different platforms.

A typical day for me initially often consists of preparing and planning for the day ahead. This means reviewing who has scheduled appointments for the morning, midday, evening, and after-hours. This allows all of us to properly allocate time to see our patients and their parents without running late to any appointments.

From there, I will begin making my morning rounds until around 11:30am. I see children aged anywhere from newborns to teenagers and want to spend time welcoming back existing patients, and also welcoming new patients every day. There’s a number of virtual visits and in-office visits, depending on the reason for medical treatment. From there, I will take a brief lunch and catch up with colleagues at the clinic. After lunch, I will review any existing notes from the rest of the staff in regards to his morning rounds.

Being the Chief Medical Officer of Brave Care also requires some of my time to be dedicated to the business side of things throughout the day and I’ll be sure to accomplish any tasks which need my attention as Brave Care continues to grow every month. After the Brave Care internal meetings are completed, I will see additional patients until the evening, and sometimes see patients after-hours depending on the number of patients that day. After-hours patients are typically seen via virtual visits. I then proceed to wrap up the day by making notes of any tasks which are on the horizon for the rest of the week and leaves any notes for the on-call physicians during the late-night after-hours timeframes.

All in all, a full day with lots of rewarding activities where I am able to help parents stress less and help children with their medical care needs.


The pros of my job as Chief Medical officer and lead pediatrician of Brave Care are how much of a positive difference I make in the lives of children we see and the lives of their parents.


The cons of the job are that Brave Care is growing fast and we need to often pivot quickly to ensure everyone involved is able to succeed at their goals. Other than that, it’s a dream job and the work we’re doing to advance pediatric primary and urgent care, with the help of our digital platform, is very gratifying to all of the team members involved here at Brave Care.

Dr. Corey Fish
Lead Pediatrician
Brave Care
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diagnose, treat, and help prevent children's diseases and injuries.

Salary: $184570
Salary Rank: A
Education: Doctoral degree
Becoming One: Very Hard
Job Satisfaction: Very High
Job Growth: Very High
Suitable Personality: The Thinker