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Food Scientist – Kirsten Kehlet

Kirsten Kehlet
Food Scientist
The Better Meat Co

Working as a product developer at The Better Meat Co. includes a large array of varying tasks. No two days are the same, meaning being adaptable to constant change is very important.

My common daily activities include formulation and reformulation of recipes. Reformulation begins when a customer requests a product that would need to be developed to fit their needs. Reformulation is a process in which modifications need to be made to an existing product which may also be continuous.

Another usual activity is ingredient experimentation. Especially in the plant-based and blended sector, utilizing and applying novel ingredients to impart certain benefits to a product is crucial to keep up with the constant change in consumer preference. These benefits may include anything from taste, aroma, or flavor to mouthfeel, texture, and binding ability.

There is also a plethora of experiments pertaining to new products that take place routinely. Creating and developing new-to-consumer products, plant-based or blended, is of utmost importance to drive the company forward.

My typical day

  • Creating new formulas and recipes for a variety of blended and plant-based products.
  • Experimenting with novel ingredients to create new applications.
  • Conduct sensory evaluations for potential products and analyze results.
  • Prepare and record reports of formulation experiments.
  • Collect data on the performance of ingredients and their application.
  • Apply various microbiological test methods and observe results.
  • Research various academic papers to increase the team’s knowledge in applicable subject matters.


  • Enhanced learning of food science and nutrition.
  • Taking part in making a beneficial impact for animals, the environment, and our current food system.
  • Autonomy to experiment and create products for the public.
  • Opportunity to grow in the plant-based industry that will revolutionize what we consume.


  • None! This career is a great opportunity for personal growth with opportunities to make a difference.
Kirsten Kehlet
Food Scientist
The Better Meat Co
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Food Scientists and Technologists

use chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences to study the principles underlying the processing and deterioration of foods; analyze food content to determine levels of vitamins, fat, sugar, and protein; discover new food sources; research ways to make processed foods safe, palatable, and healthful; and apply food science knowledge to determine best ways to process, package, preserve, store, and distribute food.

Salary: $80190
Salary Rank: B
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: High
Job Growth: High
Suitable Personality: The Thinker