What do Ski and Snowboard Instructors do in the summer?

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Answered by:
Lorraine Lam
Ski and Snowboard Instructor
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For me, I also run a kayaking business so in summer I am running that business. During summer time in the US, it’s actually winter time in Australia or New Zealand, so we will just go there and work or attend training.

Some of the ski instructors I know are also mountain bike or golf instructors!

Since 2019, there are many giant size ski resorts built in China, so I’ve set up a ski school there too, for those who want to keep teaching skiing, they can just work there.

This is my yearly plan:

  • Nov-April/ May: Ski Resort
  • May-late June: Break/Kayaking
  • July-Late Sept: NZ Training/Work
  • Oct: Break/Kayaking

For others, it’s like

  • Nov-April: Outdoor ski resort
  • April-Nov: Indoor ski resort

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