How long does it take to become a Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Justin Lovely, Esq.
Personal Injury Lawyer
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It can take a while and grows expensive! You begin with four years of undergraduate college, followed by three years of law school. Once you graduate from law school, you’ll need to likely spend the whole summer studying for your state’s bar exam. As I mentioned before, they only offer it twice per year, so you want to hedge your bets that you’ll pass when you want to, otherwise, it’s a 6-month delay to retake. That’s a killer, so most people study for the bar like it’s their job – and for intent and purposes, it is. Once you take the bar exam you then get to painfully wait like a crazy person for 3 months hoping you passed. Pending you do, and I hope you do, you’re now a lawyer. The next step is gaining exposure in Personal Injury Law, which is often by working for another. Depending on how that goes and your own preferences, the next step is opening your own law firm and acquiring clients for yourself.

One would be foolish to believe that while their formal education is done after all of this, you’re not done learning. Take and learn as much as you can from those CLE classes and begin a lifetime of continuous learning and perfecting your personal injury practice and trial techniques.

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