How do Landscape Photographers make money?

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Sharon Weil Hornstein
Landscape Art Photographer
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The primary way landscape photographers make money is though the sale of their images. If the photographer is focused on art only, sales can be made online, through galleries, to interior designers or directly to clients. Landscape art can be sold in a variety of formats as well, ranging from physical prints to digital media. Images can be printed on different media to be wall hung, such as paper, wood, acrylic or metal or distributed as merchandise such as cards, mugs, iPhone cases, etc. Selling NFTs of landscape art is an exciting new opportunity to make money as well.

Another approach to earning a living as a landscape photographer is to shoot custom landscape art for clients such as golf courses as well as architectural photography for clients such as real estate brokers and magazines. Selling stock photography can also generate income. If I’m honest, it can be quite difficult to get started but the more experience you have and the more work you accumulate to demonstrate your unique skills, the more you will be able to grow your ability to earn money.

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