What is the difference between a Brand Designer vs a Web Designer?

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Answered by:
Amy McMahon
Branding and Web Designer
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Branding Designer

A branding designer designs logos and brand identities for their clients. As a branding designer, you get to know your clients and what makes them unique compared to their competitors.

It’s your job to create a unique visual identity for their business that makes them stand out and attracts their ideal clients. It also needs to visually communicate their unique brand message that you compile by getting them to answer focused, relevant questions on the design brief document that you share with them.

Once you have the completed brief, you will begin to develop concepts to base your designs around. Once you have at least two design directions ready you will present them to your client so you can see which one they prefer and get feedback from them. Once this feedback is implemented and you will present the client with logos (primary, alternative, and submark logo), a color palette, brand fonts, and brand guidelines, and any other brand collateral they might require eg. social media profile and cover photos, social media post templates, business cards, letterheads, leaflets, packaging design, signage, etc.

Web Designer

A web designer is in charge of designing and developing a website that fits the clients needs and is styled in line with the brand guidelines that the branding designer has created. You have a consultation call with the client so you know all the features and functions that they need. Taking these into consideration you design a first draft of the site on software like Adobe XD. Present this version to the client and get feedback until the final design that will be developed is approved.

I develop my websites on WordPress using the page builder Divi. I find that this gives me the most control and gives me the ability to accurately develop the design that I’ve created in Adobe XD. Once the site is ready you need to test all the functions to make sure it works correctly. Once the site is launched, the client can come to you for website maintenance services to keep the site secure and performing well.

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