Should I Become A Chocolatier (One Minute Quiz)

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Career Quiz and Most Suitable Personality


Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.Confucius

Table of contents
  1. Career Quiz
  2. Suitable Personality Type
  3. Pros and Cons

Career Quiz

In this career quiz, there are 8-10 questions that will give you a pretty good perspective on whether this career is right for you.

There are 3 answers to each question: Dislike, Maybe, and Like.

Answer “Like / Yes” if you tell yourself “Yes! I would love do this” or “Yeah, I’m that type of person”.
Answer “Okay / Maybe” if you tell yourself “Umm…I think I will be okay with that”.
Answer “Dislike / No” if you tell yourself “Ugh…Sounds boring” or “No way!”.

Ready? Let’s start!

Question Yes Maybe No
Are you interested in creating confectionery items?
Do you want to learn more about how to temper chocolate?
Are you interested in molding chocolate into specific shapes?
Do you have the patience needed to work with chocolate?
Do you have the creative skills needed to create original designs?
Do you possess good communication skills and work well with others?
Do you enjoy baking and making snacks?
Are you interested in working in a competitive field?

Your Results


Now count how many points you have.

Dislike = 0 point
Okay = 1 point
Like = 2 points

After you’re done counting your points. Click below to view your results.

Suitable Personality Type

You can read more about these career personality types here.

Pros and Cons


Experience a wide variety of food

This is the biggest advantage of working as a Food Critic. You will be experiencing a wide variety of food and cuisines.

You don’t have to pay for your meals

When eating out as a Food Critic, your company will be paying for your meals. This also results in lower grocery bills for you!

Bring your friends and family along with you

Depending on your company, you may also be allowed to bring your friends and family along with you in your culinary journey.

Going undercover

If you have been fantasizing on being a spy since you were a kid, being a Food Critic comes pretty close. You often need to make reservations using an alias to avoid being recognized as a critic because once a restaurant knows you are a critic, they will pay very close attention to your meals and experience which isn’t the average dining experience your readers will be receiving if they visit the restaurant.

Enhance your creative development

Working as a Pastry Chef allows you to express your creative side. You can work on your artistic talents and use creativity to create new desserts and sweets, which can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Ability to work almost anywhere in the world

Pastry Chefs are in demand at high-end restaurants and independent bakeries around the world. As a Pastry Chef, you have the chance to launch your career anywhere that you want, including overseas.

Travel to interesting locations

Marine Biologists get to visit some of the most exotic locations on the planet, visiting trenches and reefs that other humans rarely get to see. Along with interesting locations, you will frequently work with interesting individuals from around the world.

Help protect the ocean environment

Working as a Marine Biologist gives you a chance to help protect the environment. Marine Biologists often complete research projects to showcase the impact of human activities. They help businesses choose alternative options for fishing, oil production, and cargo transport to limit the effects on the environment.

You get to taste a wide variety of great wines

Sommeliers need a deep love and appreciation for wines, as they spend a lot of time testing different vintages. You get to try wines that you may otherwise never have the chance to taste.

Work in fancy restaurants with classy atmospheres

Sommeliers are often employed at the finest restaurants in the region. You get to spend most of your time in a beautiful dining establishment while serving the upper crust of society.


One of the lowest paying jobs.

People may not always accept your suggestions

One issue that Agronomists often face is the challenge of getting farmers to adopt new technology. You may occasionally struggle to get people to follow your advice for improving soil quality or crop management.

Spending most of your day on your feet

Sommeliers spend most of their time on their feet. You do not have a lot of time to sit and relax. When not assisting patrons, you may need to organize the wine cellar or perform any number of other duties.

You will be tasting a lot of bad wines too

Tasting wines is an essential duty for Sommeliers. In your pursuit of finding the best wines, you are likely to encounter many bad wines.

Exposure to physically demanding conditions

Traveling to distant locations on a boat or research vessel includes exposure to extreme conditions. You may experience severe storms, cold weather, hot weather, and other conditions that can leave you exhausted.

Long periods out at sea

Reaching destinations to conduct experiments often involves long trips on the ocean. You may spend weeks reaching the site where you plan to collect samples or analyze the environment. This requires you to spend periods away from friends and family.

Modest pay

Compared to other professions, Pastry Chefs receive modest pay. While the median pay for a Pastry Chef is $54,300, Pastry Chefs that are just entering the field may make significantly less.

Long hours

Working as a Pastry Chef involves long hours. They often start their day incredibly early to prepare bread and pastries, as some recipes require the ingredients to sit and rise for several hours.

Weight gain

You will be constantly eating out which will result in you gaining a lot of weight especially if you don’t have an exercise routine in your schedule.

Trying unique ingredients

The wide variety of cuisines you will be experiencing includes its disadvantages as well. You may be required to eat unique ingredients such as liver.

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