What Does A QA Manager Do (including Their Typical Day at Work)

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QA Managers

QA managers are responsible for managing the quality assurance process at various companies. They work to create quality assurance procedures and they direct things as necessary to deliver the best outcomes.

Bachelor's degree

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Companies need to make sure that their products meet certain standards of quality, and this is why QA managers are so crucial. QA managers will create quality assurance policies and procedures to ensure that things are held to the right standard.

They direct the quality assurance process and coordinate with other people to make improvements when necessary. A QA manager is going to be in a leadership position and will be focused on helping a company deliver the most reliable and safe products that they can.

What they do

QA managers are responsible for managing the quality assurance process at various companies. They work to create quality assurance procedures and they direct things as necessary to deliver the best outcomes.

Creating Quality Assurance Procedures

The first big thing that a quality assurance manager is responsible for is the creation of quality assurance procedures. This means that a QA manager will set up quality assurance standards and rules that need to be followed. These professionals will have to assess production, inspect systems, and do what they can to improve quality control. This often involves working with production managers and other senior workers to enact changes in a company.

Directing Personnel

There will be personnel helping with quality control that will work under QA managers. QA managers will provide direction for these workers so that they can meet company expectations. It will be up to a QA manager to keep personnel informed of policy changes, and they might also need to correct mistakes that might be made by the team. A QA manager acts in a leadership capacity, and this means that they must sometimes reprimand personnel as well.

Reporting Quality Control Issues

When quality control issues occur, it’s going to be up to the QA manager to report them. Quality control issues must be reported to production managers so that something can be done to turn things around. This information can help to keep production errors or mishaps from negatively impacting orders or efficiency.

Keeping Records

Keeping records is also a part of the job, and QA managers will keep detailed records of quality control issues and activities. Sometimes these records will be presented as reports to senior management officials in the company. The records can also act as a guide to help businesses make plans and initiate changes. QA managers will also be responsible for analyzing these records and figuring out ways to improve quality control based on the data.

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What is the job like


Earning a Good Salary

Even the starting salary for a QA manager is quite good, and you have the potential to make more money over time. Those who are looking for potentially lucrative careers will find becoming a QA manager a compelling option.

Getting to Work Indoors

Getting to work indoors in a temperature-controlled environment is nice. Most QA managers will spend a lot of time in an office setting looking at production data.

Learning to Become a QA Manager Doesn’t Take Long

Learning to become a QA manager shouldn’t take that long. You can become a QA manager with only an associate’s degree, but most successful QA managers earn at least a bachelor’s degree in quality assurance or manufacturing management.


You Take on Many Responsibilities

QA managers are tasked with handling quite a few things, and they also have to coordinate with many departments in a company. This means that you’ll always have a lot to do, and this can lead to quite a bit of stress.

There Is Potential for Long Work Hours

It’s very possible that you might need to work long hours as a QA manager. This is especially true when you’re overseeing quality control changes or when issues occur that cause the company problems.

Where they work

Manufacturing Industry
Software Industry
Video Game Industry

QA managers will work in many different types of industries. You can find QA managers at factories, but they will also work in office settings. QA managers will be employed in the manufacturing industry, the software industry, the video game industry, and just about any other type of industry that needs someone to oversee quality control.

How to become one

Step 1. Get Good Grades in High School

Try to be as studious as you can in high school while learning about math and science. Getting good at reading charts and data will help you when you plan to work as a QA manager.

Step 2. Go to College

Going to college is necessary when you wish to become a QA manager. You can become a QA manager with only an associate’s degree, but it’s recommended to earn a bachelor’s degree in quality assurance or manufacturing management.

Step 3. Apply for Jobs

Applying for jobs is the next step, but many QA managers start in a different role at a company. For instance, you might land a job in the quality control department without being a manager, and you’ll then have to work your way up the ladder.

Step 4. Continue Your Education

Continuing your education is a good way to set yourself apart and land the best job that you can. Getting a master’s degree in business administration might be a good idea since it will show that you’re prepared to handle leadership responsibilities.

Step 5. Consider Seeking Certification

Certification isn’t required when working in quality assurance, but it can help you to stand out among your peers. Consider getting certified through the American Society for Quality if you’re looking to advance your career.

Should you become one

Best personality type for this career

The Leader

People with this personality likes to start and work on projects. They also like leading people and making many decisions.

You can read more about these career personality types here.

To succeed as a QA manager, you’re going to need to be able to pay attention to the details. It’s important to be able to analyze data and glean the right information to make improvements. Communication skills are imperative as well since communicating with others in the company is a must.

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