Sleeping Your Way To Good Grades For Students

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Good health condition cannot be achieved without regular and restful sleep. First of all, sleep is important for dealing with stress. College students are often busy and stressed, especially through activities such as going to class, and working on the computer can have negative effects on the body and mind. Depriving yourself of good sleep will have consequences on your body and mind, and these include your mood, memory, learning abilities, efficiency and reaction time.

What you need to know about sleep

  • Students at colleges are some of the most sleep-deprived groups in the world.
  • According to Brown university, only 11% of students reported to have good sleep and 73% reported about sleep difficulties.
  • Some 18% of men and 30% of women have reported sleep deprivation in the last 3 months.
  • Lower GPAs among students have been linked to sleep problems, as concentration and memory are badly affected from such.
  • Most adults get less than 7 hours of sleep per night, whereas they need at least 8 hours.
  • More than a third of adults confessed to daytime sleepiness, at least few days in a month and such problems interfere with their work, and social responsibilities.
  • As many as 70 million Americans may suffer from sleep loss and other related disorders.


How to calculate how much sleep you deserve

As an adult, you will need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night, but it should also depend on the individual. One sure way to ascertain how much sleep you need is to wake up every day without the help of an alarm, and at the end of the week, just calculate the amount of sleep you get per night. Use this sleep diary  to help you keep track of your sleep during this time.

Is there anything like sleeping too much?

Yes, there is, and sleeping too much can be as bad as sleep deprivation. Too much of sleeping has been linked with certain heart problems, alongside cognitive problems and excess weight gain.

Ideas and tips for getting a good sleep

Spend some amount of time outside in the daylight , every day, as this can help preserve your sleep and wake up cycles. If you reside on college campus, you can stick with the following:

  • Always take a walk to your class,
  • Take some time to study outside,
  • Indulge in a regular outdoor sports activity,
  • Spend time at the Arboretum, during the winter, and
  • Have a walk with your friends outside to get the benefit of sunlight and exercise.


  • Getting some exercises on most days of the week will protect your sleep and wake up cycles, but avoid exercising some 3-4 hours before going to bed.
  • Having a regular meal schedule can also help protect your sleep and wake up schedules. You may plan your eating schedules according to your schooling schedules.
  • Reduce your consumption of caffeine and nicotine. Nicotine and caffeine are stimulants that disrupt sleep therefore, you must avoid them after your lunch time. Limit your coffee to half a cup if you feel like drinking too much. Read this
  • Stay away from Alcohol before your bedtime. Experts recommend that you should avoid alcohol some 4-6 hours before you go to bed. Alcohol can aggravate snoring, and can worsen side effects of some medications when combined.
  • Manage your time properly to get sufficient sleep. These personal development books  will help you with time management.
  • Minimize sleep disruptions and control your sleep environment. Find creative ways to avoid disruptions and have a good night’s sleep. Read this how to handle bad college roommates.
  • Try deep breathing or relaxation techniques  if you are having troubles falling asleep due to stress or anxiety.

Sleep is very important. It affects your health, safety and make you feel good. Try as much as possible to avoid napping during the day or all-night outs, minimize sleep disruptions and try to go to bed almost at the same time every day. Sleep well and be happy!


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