Pipeline Operator – Ryan Brown

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Day in the life of
Pipeline Operator – Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown
Pipeline Operator
A midstream pipeline company

My Key Responsibilities

Some of my key responsibilities are managing the pipeline terminal, there are several pipelines that connect to my terminal and I’m in charge of managing which tank product goes into off the pipeline, we have several different kinds of products at our terminal.

I also sample and test all the product to make sure it meets the required specs, make sure I have enough inventory to pump out on the pipeline to other terminals and to fill trucks at our truck loading rack, help truck drivers when needed, and perform maintenance tasks.

My pipeline terminal also has a rail spur so I offload product from rail-cars into the tanks and load rail-cars so they can be shipped to other locations.

We do a lot of paperwork too because all the tasks we perform need to be documented per government regulation. We get audited by several different agencies frequently. Besides the work I do at the pipeline terminal I also drive along our pipeline and do inspections and maintenance.

We also line locate our pipelines for crews that are doing work in the area so that they don’t accidentally hit it.

My Typical Day

Everyday is different but I usually have some variation of daily tasks I need to complete, I deal with problems that might pop up at any time, and we complete a lot of paperwork and documentation. Planning ahead and being organized is very important in my role. We do a lot of multi-tasking and what we do today affects what we will be able to do tomorrow and the next day so it’s very important to always be thinking ahead. We also have to be adaptable though because change can happen in an instant and we have to be able to adjust our work accordingly. I would say typically my job is 50/50 between work outdoors and work inside although it varies from day to day.


Every day is different, it involves a lot of problem solving which keeps things interesting, we’re always learning something new, I find the work rewarding even if the general public doesn’t always appreciate it but at the end of they day they all benefit from our services, the pay and benefits are also better than some other industries


I do work a lot of hours and we work in all conditions. Doesn’t matter what time it is, if it’s a holiday, what the weather is like, if something needs to be done we have to do it. Not everyone is cut out for that type of schedule. Personally, I love it but I know it’s not for everyone so it’s something to consider before getting into the industry.

Ryan Brown
Pipeline Operator
A midstream pipeline company

Petroleum Pump System Operators, Refinery Operators And Gaugers

operate or control petroleum refining or processing units. May specialize in controlling manifold and pumping systems, gauging or testing oil in storage tanks, or regulating the flow of oil into pipelines.

Salary: $77610
Salary Rank: B
Education: No degree required
Becoming One: Easy
Job Satisfaction: Very High
Job Growth: Declining
Suitable Personality: The Builder

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