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Fashion Editor – Lisa Sanchez

Lisa Sanchez
Fashion Editor
The Nines

I’m Lisa Sanchez, the Fashion Editor of The Nines.

My Typical Day


I like to start my morning off with a little inspiration before having to deal with monotonous administrative work. I spend no more than 15 minutes browsing Instagram and celebrity blogs eyeing up the best outfits for the day. Energized, I kick off the morning’s administrative challenges and catch up on emails, which usually take about two hours. We publish multiple celebrity clothing posts per day. I am in charge of reviewing each post prior to publication, making any necessary adjustments, and then scheduling the posts to go live. I also check various metrics related to site traffic and then update our editorial calendar accordingly.

Celebrity clothing post

Celebrity clothing post

In the mid-morning, I have a meeting with my team. We discuss our metrics from the day before (site traffic and Instagram) and then I assign my team members celebrity outfit posts to work on over the next few days. Each post requires the identification of the celebrity outfit plus a small blurb. In addition, I ask our dedicated writer to write copy for specific stylist and designer pages.


After lunch, I write at least one piece to publish via our site or a partner’s. Here is an example of one of the articles that we published on our site:

End of day

I like to close out my day like I begin, browsing fashion online. I pick out three top outfits and then I spend the rest of the day finding affordable lookalikes to post on our website.


I love that my job is kind of like a scavenger/treasure hunt. Once I find a celebrity outfit I want to emulate for my readers, I am off on a search to find the hottest looks for wallet-friendly prices. This exposes me to so many new sites and looks that I can think about incorporating into my own wardrobe.

Another perk is that fashion is constantly changing/innovating, yet it encourages me to be smart with the pieces that I own. I have gotten my hands on some quality, key timeless articles of clothing and accessories that I pair with trendy items. I’ve become quite smart with keeping up a fashionable wardrobe that doesn’t take up my entire apartment.


In terms of cons, I can get quite depressed seeing how expensive items are. I definitely feel pangs of envy that I can’t afford a $10,000 bag but also feel guilty about wanting such an expensive bag when $10,000 can create a great impact for a social cause.

Lisa Sanchez
Fashion Editor
The Nines
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plan, coordinate, revise, or edit written material. May review proposals and drafts for possible publication.

Salary: $73910
Salary Rank: B
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Average
Job Growth: Low
Suitable Personality: The Artist