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Jaimie Michaels

I’m the editor of MagicGuides.com, a website dedicated to Disney travel.

I pretty much run day-to-day operations. We’re essentially a 2-person operation so that means I end up being “the boss of myself” most of the time.

On a typical day, I work on new articles or revise old information. It’s a challenge to keep the website updated with the latest and greatest information, but I do my best!

I’m in charge of coming up with new topics to write about. I myself actually write a good portion of the content. I keep up-to-date with any new developments at Disney destinations and then update our older pages with this fresh information. I upload new written content to WordPress, then add photos and/or videos to pages, and finally publish the new pages. The new pages are typically indexed by Google within a day or two. I am the one who responds when someone reaches out to MagicGuides with a question or suggestion. Our readers are always giving us great feedback.

My partner deals with the hosting company and technical issues but I’m the contact person for everything else, including any back-and-forth conversations with guest bloggers and adverting partners.


Since going to Disney World as a child, I’ve always loved everything about Disney. You can call me a Disney fanatic. Disney travel is my passion. I love reading and writing about Disney destinations, especially Walt Disney World Resort. I also feel gratified when someone contacts me to let me know how much MagicGuides.com has helped them plan their Disney trip. MagicGuides gives me an opportunity to immerse myself in what I love! It’s cliche, but if you are doing what you love for work, then you’ll never feel like you are working.


It’s a lot of work. Sometimes you get writer’s block or run into a technical issue with the website. There’s a lot of learning as you go. Whatever the issue is, we always work through it and power on. Overall, there’s definitely more upside than downside for me.

Overall, I love doing what I’m doing!

Jaimie Michaels
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plan, coordinate, revise, or edit written material. May review proposals and drafts for possible publication.

Salary: $73910
Salary Rank: B
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Average
Job Growth: Low
Suitable Personality: The Artist