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Cryptocurrency Trader – Stefan Ateljevic

Stefan Ateljevic

My typical day can be either incredibly stressful or really relaxed depending on the movement in the crypto market. The day usually starts with waking up, making a coffee, and kicking back on my couch while catching up on crypto news. Most of the work consists of checking periodically for spikes and price fluctuations of the coins that I’m trading that month. Once I’ve gathered enough data, I check on my buy/sell orders and adjust them accordingly. I take breaks when I need them, but end up working more than 10 hours per day and even pulling all-nighters to avoid missing out on profitable crypto trades. Before I go to sleep, I leave a few buy/sell orders open that will only trigger if there are significant movements in the market.


The pros would include independence, a flexible schedule, and pretty much no limit to your earning potential. So you are able to work your own hours and have a stress-free job for the most part, if you are good at it.


The cons are similar to those of gambling to some extent, where some people may find it hard to set limits and know when to call it a day. So it’s not a job that people can sustain for long periods of time and is really not fit for every person.

Stefan Ateljevic
Having graduated from UCL in 2019 after studying Economics, I was able to land myself in a graduate role at IG Markets; the UK’s largest OTC Derivativ … Read More

Securities and Commodities Traders

buy and sell securities and commodities to transfer debt, capital, or risk. Establish and negotiate unit prices and terms of sale.

Salary: $96540
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: Low
Job Growth: High
Suitable Personality: The Leader