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Casting Director – Harry Lipsitz

Harry Lipsitz
Casting Buffalo LLC

If I’m casting a job it’s a lot of correspondence and looking at faces to put together, I look at my work in casting as being a sort of “art director of people”.

My duties as a casting director really depend on the particular job. Many variables factor into the work on any given project, whether that be a commercial or a film, and if it’s Principal, Dayplayer, or Background casting that I am doing. Principal casting comprises the top 3 or 4 main roles and some supporting roles in a film and are considered the central characters to whatever material is being shot. Dayplayer casting would be any parts that are supplemental and could also be bit parts in the story and Background would be any deep background actors, any featured background actors, and any stand-ins or photo doubles.

Then comes all the administrative and clerical work, creating schedules and breakdowns, obtaining any child performing permits if needed and depending on the states labor laws, creating skins (the rooster of talent so to speak), gathering all sizes and fit sheets from the talent for the wardrobe department, confirming call times with talent and if principal or day-player creating deal memos and contracts, clearing the talent with the Screen Actors Guild, gathering all the government paperwork such as I-9s for payroll purposes, and communicating and figuring a system to make selections with the director and AD’s. Just to name a few of the main responsibilities.


I meet amazing people and form some great relationships. Each experience helps me grow in my areas of focus, whether casting or producing. You should want to be a people person because the job demands a lot of social interaction and communication with others.


Cons for any facet in this business are high stress and time working away from loved ones. You have to be O/C or on call which means it can be hard to make plans in life outside of work.

Harry Lipsitz
Casting Buffalo LLC
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