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Architect – Marvin Flax

Marvin Flax
OBM International

Being an architect comes with great responsibility and reward as the design is going to be around for a very long time and it is important to have a holistic approach when designing. Implementing sustainable practices is also an important aspect to ensure the impact on the environment is as minimal as possible.

It’s more than just prints. Architects design buildings and a lot of time and effort go into conceptualizing and design – while also envisioning your client’s dream and all the different elements and factors that may or may not affect the structure that is requested. Being detail-oriented is a huge portion of the job.

What is your work life like?

Collaboration is key. Architects not only work with other architects, but also engineers, consultants, and clients.

Architects have the opportunity to further their education in the field by attending many seminars and training (now digitally due to COVID-19)


Watching a design come to life! Especially when it’s exactly what the client envisioned.


Each project presents its own set of challenges and you simply have to rely upon your past experiences to guide you and in some cases, you have to do something completely new that you have never done before.

Marvin Flax
OBM International
My typical day 5 AM First coffee of the day! Prep the backpack with all the things I’ll need for the day. And it must be a very well prepped one (I te … Read More


plan and design structures, such as private residences, office buildings, theaters, factories, and other structural property.

Salary: $89470
Salary Rank: A
Education: Bachelor's degree
Becoming One: Hard
Job Satisfaction: High
Job Growth: Very High
Suitable Personality: The Artist