Should I be a Digital Coach?

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Answered by:
Roberto Martinez
Digital Coach
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Here are the top 10 questions I’d ask someone to see if they have the right personality to be a Digital Coach.

  1. What does your dream job look like?
  2. What would you say is your life mission?
  3. What are your top 5 business apps that you recommend to people?
  4. In what type of work environment are you most productive and happy?
  5. When working with a team, what role are you most likely to play?
  6. What does work-life balance mean to you?
  7. What kind of events do you attend outside of work hours?
  8. Would you consider yourself a digital expert already? Why or why not?
  9. Which of our company’s core values do you most/least identify with?
  10. What business challenge is most important to you?

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