A Day In The Life of Helpers of Production Workers

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In this day in the life guide, you will find out:

  • What does a day as Helpers of Production Workers looks like
  • What do they do every day
  • Things they do on a weekly or monthly basis
  • How many hours do they work

The purpose of this is to give you a clear picture of this career so you can make a better career decision on whether this career is suitable for you or not.

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Typical Day for Helpers of Production Workers

Here is a list of tasks that Helpers of Production Workers do every day.

  • Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances.
  • Operate machinery used in the production process, or assist machine operators.
  • Place products in equipment or on work surfaces for further processing, inspecting, or wrapping.
  • Examine products to verify conformance to quality standards.
  • Start machines or equipment to begin production processes.

Weekly and Monthly Tasks

Here is a list of tasks that Helpers of Production Workers do on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Perform minor repairs to machines, such as replacing damaged or worn parts.

Working Hours

  • How many hours do Helpers of Production Workers work per week? 40 hours per week
  • What is the work schedule like? Regular (Set schedule and routine)

Work Environment

Indoors, Not Environmentally Controlled
Sounds, Noise Levels Are Distracting or Uncomfortable
Exposed to Contaminants
Exposed to Hazardous Equipment
Exposed to Minor Burns, Cuts, Bites, or Stings
Wear Common Protective or Safety Equipment such as Safety Shoes, Glasses, Gloves, Hearing Protection, Hard Hats, or Life Jackets

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