The Economist GRE Review

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The Economist GRE Review

Rating: 4.7

The Economist GRE Tutor is an online prep course for anyone getting ready to take the GRE. Compared to other programs that have been on the market for a while, the Economist GRE is one of the newer options for online GRE preparation.

Some unique features of the program include:

  • A free 7-day trial
  • Customization to your learning needs
  • Question feeds to focus on your weak areas
  • Multiple essay markings
  • In-app tutoring and messaging
  • One-on-one advice time with GRE experts
  • A subscription to The Economist magazine
  • Free GRE resources through The Economist blog
Reviewed by Stan T.

What we like

7-Day Free Trial

There are many options for GRE preparation. Although they all have the same goal in mind, the prep courses are very different. You never know what will work best for you until you try it.

These programs are not cheap. So, with some programs, if it doesn’t work for you, you’ve wasted your time and money. 

The Economist GRE includes a free 7-day trial. This allows you to get a feel for how the program works before making the commitment to purchase it. This is a unique feature many other GRE prep programs don’t offer. 

You can go through some of the lessons and check out the tutor feature before deciding if the program is the right fit for you. If you like it, you can purchase the program. If not, there’s absolutely no commitment to buy the plan.

Essay Markings

Practicing writing for the GRE is time-consuming, and it’s hard to know what you need to improve on without expert feedback. The Economist GRE prep program solves this problem with essay markings.

You write the essay, and within three days, you’ll receive your graded essay with comments. This helps you see the strong and weak areas of your writing and make improvements before the real test date.

Ask-A-Tutor Feature

The Economist prep course offers this feature as a lifeline when you’re struggling with specific lessons on the prep site. All course levels offer the Ask-a-Tutor feature. The number of questions you can ask depends on the package you purchase.

In tutoring sessions, you chat online with a GRE expert who guides you through specific questions as needed. 

Some test prep companies charge additional fees for tutoring services. But the Economist plans have this service built into all of their test prep plans.

It’s normal to get stuck on GRE practice questions. Having the ability to reach out to an actual human for help is a real plus for the Economist plans.

One-On-One Sessions

When you need extra help with a particular topic, you can schedule a one-on-one online session with a qualified tutor. Each plan offers three or more 15-45-minute in-depth sessions with an expert anytime day or night.

Adaptive Technology

The “Economist GRE Tutor” has the AI capability to study you as you use the prep materials. It chooses questions at the optimal level of difficulty for you.

This helps you achieve your maximum performance level in the least amount of time.

It analyzes your progress through the questions and assesses your strengths and weaknesses in the subject matter. This helps you boost your ability in your weaker areas and strengthen your ability on the overall exam.

Full-Length Practice Exams

Each Economist plan includes full-length practice exams. Packages start at 3 exams with the Basic Plan and up to 6 exams with the Ultimate Plan.

These practice exams are one of the best features of the program. There’s no better preparation for the real GRE than putting yourself through full-length exams. 

If you want the ultimate benefit of these tests, take them seriously. Try to create a real testing atmosphere as much as possible while you work through the questions.

This helps to boost your confidence about the GRE and the unofficial score you received before your official testing day.

If you want to practice more, they offer a la carte practice test as well. 

Thousands of Practice Questions

If practice makes perfect, the Economist prep course has you covered. Enjoy access to over 5,000 practice questions for all plan levels.

These are fed to you via their AI system. They base questions on your particular skill level.

They add new practice questions each day. The more questions you practice, the more familiar you’ll be with the style and substance of the real GRE.

Free GRE Prep Resources

The Economist offers free GRE prep resources through their blog. These resources include test-taking strategies, specific subject matter resources, and graduate school admission tips. You can also use the Economist GRE Tutor free of charge for seven days.

Score Improvement Guarantee

With the Economist Premier and Ultimate plans, the company guarantees a score improvement of 5-7 points. This is an incentive for anyone who has taken the test before and is hoping to boost their score.

You can get your money back if your GRE score doesn’t improve at least 5 points. To qualify for a refund, you have to complete a certain number of lessons during a 10- week period. 

The company is confident in their product to offer this type of score improvement guarantee. But, if The Economist prep course doesn’t work out for you, you can get your money back and try a different program.

Mobile-Friendly Technology

Like many test prep companies, The Economist prep courses are mobile-compatible. This is great for the busy student on the go or for the busy parent preparing to go back to school.

You can’t take your computer with you everywhere you go. But you can access your GRE prep materials on any mobile-friendly device. This is convenient when you have a few minutes to spare at work, between classes, or whenever you have a free moment.

What we didn’t like

No Score Guarantee in Standard Plan

The premium and ultimate plans do offer score guarantees of up 5-7 points. However, the standard plan offers no score guarantee. This may discourage some students from purchasing the standard plan they can afford. 

Must Prepare in Advance

Some of the best features of the program require you to begin the program well ahead of your test date. The score guarantee requires you to use the program 10 weeks ahead of your testing date. 

This is understandable. It takes time to improve. If you are busy with school, family, or a full-time job and will struggle to find time for weekly practice, another program may suit you better.

And procrastinators, beware. You may need another option as well. 

How much does it cost

The Economist Tutor is a flexible program with three options to choose from. These include the basic, premium, and ultimate packages. Each plan differs in price and available options. With any Economist plan purchase, you receive a free subscription to The Economist magazine.

The Basic Package

Price: $229

This package includes: Full access to the online course, three practice exams, three practice essay markings, three essay markings, three one-on-one sessions with instructors, 25 tutor questions, and mobile-friendly technology

Recommended for: Someone who is familiar with the GRE and doesn’t need extensive preparation. The lessons are self-paced and work well for those with a traditional learning style. The basic plan does not include the score guarantee feature.

The Premium Package

Price: $349

This package includes: Guarantee of improvement by at least 5 points, five practice exams, six essay markings, five one-on-one sessions with instructors, 100 tutor questions, GRE score indicator, and mobile-friendly technology

Recommended for: The student who wants to improve their score by at least 5 points. This is a comprehensive program for someone who can devote at least 3 months for test preparation. You will love this package if you want a structured teaching plan with online help from GRE experts. To be eligible for a refund, you must use the course content for a full 10 weeks before taking the GRE.

The Ultimate Premium Package

Price: $529

This package includes: Guarantee of improvement by 7 points, six practice exams, 7 essay markings, 6 one-on-one sessions with instructors, unlimited tutor questions, GRE score indicator, and mobile-friendly technology

Recommended for: Someone who wants the ultimate test prep experience and a guarantee of 7 improvement points on the GRE. The subscription is for a six-month course. So, if you want to practice extensively and have the freedom to ask unlimited questions as you learn, the ultimate premium package is a good choice. Just like the premium package, you must use the course for 10 weeks to be eligible for a refund.


What makes The Economist GRE unique compared to other GRE prep courses?

One of the best things about The Economist GRE course is its adaptive learning technology which means as you go through the course, your experience is tailored specifically to you and you only! It is similar to having a private tutor guiding you throughout the course just without the private tutor price tag!

What does The Economist GRE course include?

The Economist GRE course provides everything you need to prepare for the GRE, including a virtual tutor that tailors each session to your strengths and weaknesses plus live support that’s available whenever you need it.

Can you pause during a practice exam?

No, you can’t because this is to simulate a real GRE exam environment. Once the exam has started, the timer can’t be stopped, paused or reset and you must complete the exam.


We highly recommend The Economist GRE prep course. This comprehensive, structured course allows you to set your own pace as you prepare for the GRE.

The practice questions and full-length exams are excellent and truly represent the types of questions you’ll face on the real GRE. The AI technology assesses your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to concentrate your effort where you need it most.

For those who struggle with analytic writing, the essay markings feature is a real plus. You’ll receive expert feedback on your practice essays within three days.

The Ask-A-Tutor feature provides real-time help as you need it. And the One-On-One sessions provide extended in-depth instruction anytime day or night.

One of the best features of the program is the no-risk 7-day trial. You have nothing to lose!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive self-paced GRE prep program, we think you’ll love what The Economist has to offer.

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